Friday, November 15, 2013

Remembering the Year 2002

(A sneak peek at the baby quilts finished in 2002) 

This year brought a lot of change to my life. I graduated from college with a degree in Elementary Education. I quit working, and became a stay at home mom to a cute little boy who we now call Cheetah. In this time of crazy transition, my super supportive husband bought me a sewing cabinet, collapsible cutting table with a large mat, and a serger. 

I felt great and had an easy baby. Seriously, he was happy as long as he could see me. If I left the room for any reason he would become upset. So we spent a lot of time with him playing on the floor or in the high chair nibbling Cheerios with me at the sewing machine. He would also lay on the floor by me while I did some hand quilting in a hoop on my lap. 

Once I learned that we were having a boy, I made cheetah a Baby Twist quilt.  It is machine quilted with a walking foot. 

I also made these matching bumper pads for the nursery. 

I hand quilted another quilt made from blocks painted by my Grandma Mildred. 

I finally finished hand quilting my Pink Double Irish Chain. The quilting was beautiful, but I was starting to think it would become my eternal project.  There is over 200 hours of hand quilting in this quilt.  Each feathered wreath took at least four hours. 

I also finally put the binding on this whole cloth quilt I finished hand quilting years earlier. Why does something so simple take so long?  I know, it was because I was originally going to do a ruffle.  The ruffle intimidated me, and I put it aside.  I ended up deciding that finished was better than ruffles, so I used a regular binding. 

My last finish of the year was putting the binding on this quilt I had quilted by my sister-in-law JoAnn. I gave it to my husband for Christmas, because it was always his favorite.

I finished so many projects that year. I even finished some car play rugs and valences for my apartment.  My mother-in-law used to always ask me, "What project are you working on this week?"


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