Saturday, January 31, 2015

Making Pants Bags

My friend Jennifer, of Glinda Quilts, makes darling drawstring bags and calls them pants bags.  She has even made one for me.  (Which I totally love, by the way.)

I have been wanting to try out her tutorials for a long time, and I finally got around to it.  My sweet Panda has been invited to a birthday party for a girl, and he wanted me to make her something.  He suggested a quilt, and I suggested a bag.  Luckily that was good enough for him.  ;)

Jen's first tutorial goes into more detail on actually sewing the bag.  Her second tutorial explains more how she does her double fold casing.  (Which I also love because it leaves no raw edges exposed.)  She says that you can start with any size square, and I put it to the test using ten inch squares.  Worked great!

I was able to make two matching bags in about an hour and a half.  I found the cute floral print in the clearance section of my local quilt shop, and chose to line it with Kona Bright Pink.  The way she does the casing makes it almost reversible.  (It would look better with the pink side out if I had sewed the opening by hand, but I wanted it to be strong.)

One of these bags is for Panda's friend, and the other is to keep on hand for another gift sometime. Or maybe for my sewing stuff...  What did panda want to give with the bag?

Girl Legos... with bunnies.  Lol.

Starting with the ten inch square made it similar in size to the drawstring bag I made with Jeni's Tutorial from In Color Order.  Here they are side by side.  (I made two of the purple ones,  keeping one, and giving the other to my niece.)

While I love the look with the ruffle at the top, I really think that the opening of the pants bag will be better for littler fingers.  It is nice and strong.  Plus the pants bag was faster to make because you don't box the corners.

Is anyone surprised by the fact that my boys think they need a bag this size?  (Monkey even tried to convince me to give him the extra pink one.)  Yeah, there are lots more of these in my future.  :D  Even my husband is jealous of the purple bag Jennifer made for me.  I need to make one for him that is bigger and green.


P.S.  I am linking up with Let's Bee Social.

P.P.S.  Thank you, Jennifer, for your excellent tutorials.


  1. Your bags are very cute. I'm sure the recipient will love it. I love that feature fabric on the bag your friend made you. Little drawstring bags for gifts. I made a bunch for teacher gifts last June. My kids have one that they keep their matchbox cars in and another that my daughter uses for a build-a-flower toy with a bunch of pieces. My next lined drawstring bag will be for her tea set since it has lots of pieces as well.

  2. How cool that your son wanted to give a handmade gift. I think you made 2 really quickly, too!

  3. :) it is so fun to see your kids want to give, isn't it? I love the girl Legos too! Sweet bags, all of them! I have only ever made one, as a gift, and for the life of me, can't imagine what I would ever use one for...but it was super fun to make and give :)

  4. Love the bags. I like making small ones to use for earbuds or jewelry. So nice for travel or the gym bag.

  5. Thanks for sharing these cute little bags. I can see why it is good to have some on hand- they would make a quick little gift!

  6. You and your little pants bags are just too cute! It's lovely of you to shout me out, thank you. And I cannot wait to get started on a big (ger) green one for Mr Jasmine :)

  7. It is lucky for you he agreed a bag would be good enough! ;) That floral print makes a great gift for a little girl.


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