Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Queen Size Minky Blanket

As you know, my family absolutely loves minky.  Actually, that is probably an understatement.  Even our puppy, Oreo, has his own minky blanket or two.  He needs one while the other is being washed, right?

The striped minky blanket shown above is the one I originally made for my husband.  Evidently, 60 x 84 inches isn't big enough.  He wanted one even bigger.  Big enough for our queen size bed.

I bought over three yards of 90 inch wide minky for the back, and two 90 inch pieces of 60 inch wide minky for the stripes.  The backing was loaded onto the longarm and it was pieced using the channel locks.

Piecing this on the longarm was definitely the way to go.  It sewed together in less time than it took to cut it out or vacuum up all of the minky fluff.

Once it was off the longarm, I trimmed the edges and bound it in the leftover backing minky.  While it is usually folded at the foot of our bed, it does look pretty as a bedspread.  It finishes about 90 by 106 inches.

I'm sure it is only a matter of time before my children ask for minky bedspreads.



  1. It looks great on the bed! I can just imagine how soft and cuddly that quilt feels. Don't tell me kids, they'll want one for their bed too!

  2. Wow, what a cool technique. I've never pieced on my longarm but it seems perfect for handling the minky.

  3. You are the Minky QUEEN! I knew it already but piecing those long babies on the longarm--GENIUS! Love it on your bed, very classy look.

  4. Minky Queen indeed! It's very snazzy looking on the bed.

  5. I told you doing it on your long arm was the easiest way to go! Glad you finally tried it. ;)

  6. If your guests are treated to minky bedspreads, they will never leave :-) I will let you know when I am in the neighborhood :-D

  7. You have made a TON of minky quilts! I'm still hesitant to give it a try. I used some on a lovey repair last year and it made SEW much mess!!


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