Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Custom Family Quilt

I just finished quilting this beautiful quilt for my friends A and T.  It is a gift for their mother-in-law. They traced all of the grandkids hands, and A did the beautiful embroidery.  I am always impressed when people do things I can't.  :)  A also pieced the quilt top together. 

I did some echo quilting around the hands, and stitched in the ditch between the yellow and white squares. 

I then echo quilted around the ric rac border, and quilted the names of all of the adults in the family on the white squares.  I connected all of the names with a loopy line. 

They also had me do the binding by machine for them.  It is the same red as the backing. 

And here is a peek at the entire back. 

Thanks A and T for letting me quilt your beautiful quilt and post about it online.  :o)



  1. What an awesome idea! Great quilting :)

  2. What a beautiful idea! It makes such a fun gift.

  3. Nice job Jasmine! And that tree got prettier too!!

  4. Absolutely wonderful!! Love the handprints and quilted names!!! This quilt will be treasured forever. :)

  5. What an incredible idea for a quilt. Your quilting takes it from wonderful to fantastic.

  6. Good idea to FMQ a name on the quilt.. I'll have to remember that!


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