Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Wedding Quilt for T & S

This quilt was made for my nephew T and his fiance S.  It is inspired by the artwork of Piet Mondrian.  I shared how I made the quilt top in my previous post.  

I got it loaded on the frames with a gray minky backing.  Then I quilted it with simple wavy lines like Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.  

I thought that the wavy lines would hold it together without taking over the modern design.  

I think I accomplished that.  

It is bound in a solid black to blend in with the border.  

While it has been finished for awhile, I had a hard time getting some good photos of it.  I'm happy to share it today.  


I'm excited to give it to T and S this weekend!

Even if it does look right at home in my piano room.  ;)


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Mondrian Inspired Quilt Top

This is the quilt top I made for my nephew T and his fiance S.  He requested a maroon and gray quilt.  He said that it would be really neat if I could design it after his favorite artist, Piet Mondrian.  Mondrian's work is mostly primary colors in squares and rectangles with black lines separating them.  

I decided to make the quilt in blocks and rows to simplify things.  I didn't want any partial seams.  I used a simple trick which I learned from Christina Cameli to make the block math easier.  It you slice into a block and add a one inch wide strip, you don't change the size of the block at all.  The one inch piece equals all the seam allowances.  

I thought I would share my process here in case anyone would like to make a similar quilt.  

I bought one yard each of four different fabrics plus two yards black for the outlines, sashing, border, and binding.  (1.75 yards black was enough but I like to have extra on hand.)

I started by cutting out five 14 inch squares from each of the four fabrics.  I put them all on my design wall.  My plan was to make four each of five different blocks.  

I cut the black out as I needed it to prevent fraying.  I cut one fourteen inch WOF strip from the black fabric.  Then I cross cut 42 one inch pieces.  Four of them were cut down to 1 x 9 inch pieces.  Then I cut six one inch by WOF strips for the sashing between rows.  The border is seven 2 inch wide strips.  The binding is seven 3 inch wide strips.  (I like it extra wide when I have minky on the back.)  

Block A is just a 14 inch square unfinished.  So it was already done.  

For block B, I cut one 14 inch square of each fabric in half.  I mixed up the rectangles, and sewed one 1 x 14 inch black strip in the middle of each set.  I always pressed towards the black strip.  

There were two steps for Block C.  I again cut one of each large square in half.  Then I sewed one skinny strip between two 7 x 14 inch rectangles twice.  (Using one of each fabric.)  

Then I cut each of those pieced sets in half again.  I added a plain 7 x 14 inch rectangle to three of them.  I left one unsewn so that I could offset the blocks in the even numbered rows.  

For block D I cut a five inch strip off of one of each large square.  Then I added a skinny strip to sew the 5 x 14 inch rectangles to the 9 x 14 inch rectangles.  

I once again cut a five inch strip from each set.  I mixed them up, added a skinny strip, and got these four blocks.  You can see that I didn't fully sew the upper right block together.  That is to offset the even rows.  

For block E I cut a five inch strip off of one of each large square.  Then I cut the 9 x 14 inch rectangle in half to get two 7 x 9 inch rectangles each.  

 Then I mixed up the pieces so each block had three different fabrics.  

I sewed a 1 x 9 inch strip between the 7 x 9 inch rectangles.  Then sewed a 1 x 14 inch strip between those sets and the 5 x 14 inch rectangles.  

I put all of the blocks up on my design wall.  Row 1 has four full blocks.  Row 2 has three full blocks and the two partial block D pieces on each side.  Row 3 has four full blocks.  Row 4 has three full blocks and the two partial block C pieces on each side.  Row 5 has four full blocks.  

Because each pieced block is still 14 inches (unfinished size) you can place any block any where and rotate however desired.  I moved the blocks around a lot.   

It was a little hard to visualize the end product, so I pinned up some one inch strips to see if I liked the layout.  

I decided that I liked it, so I sewed each row with a skinny strip between each block.  I sewed a long 1 inch strip between each of the rows.  (That took six one inch by WOF strips.  One and a half between each row of blocks.)

I wanted a slightly wider border, so I cut it out at 2 inches.  

I love how the quilt top turned out.  My art teacher sister said that she could definitely see the Mondrian influence.  (She knew who he was.  I had to look him up on the internet.)  

This quilt is already finished, but I will share that in my next post.  This one is already pretty long.


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Wedding Quilt for T & J

My nephew T and his wife J asked for a black, gray and white quilt which was mostly gray.  This design was inspired by Canoe Ridge Creation's Sliced Cake tutorial.  I cut my rectangles a different size because I was using stash instead of a layer cake.

I selected thirty different fabrics from my stash.  Approximately ten black, ten gray, and ten white. I cut a four inch WOF strip out of each one.   

Then I cross cut the strips into four ten inch pieces.  I put the quilt on the design wall one quarter at a time.  That made it easy to keep the fabrics evenly distributed.  It was fun watching the quilt grow.  

I actually pieced this quilt on my kitchen table while the kids were playing.  

I quilted it with five loops per rectangle on the Bernina Q24.  

I counted to five 120 times.  I'm pretty good at counting to five.  Hehe.  

Of course it has minky on the back  

It has a solid black binding to tone down the busy prints.  

Once again my sweet husband held it up for me outside.  

I love how it turned out and may use this pattern again.  

It also looked really good in my piano room.  

But I know for a fact that they love it.  

They especially loved the minky on the back!


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Wedding Quilt for C & K

My nephew C and his fiance K requested a black and gray quilt with a lot of white.  As I was looking at black and white quilts online, I found a darling one made by Emily at Simple Girl, Simple Life.  She shared the simple instructions and this was an easy quilt to make.  

I selected twelve black and white fabrics and paired them with Kona White.  Each fabric was cut into eight 5 inch squares.  I sewed three blocks at a time to keep the fabrics evenly distributed.  

Then I placed them on the design wall.  

I added the sashing and borders to finish up the top.  

I loaded the long arm with some gray minky and quilted it with spirals.  

It is always fun to take the quilt off the frames.  

I love seeing the quilting on minky.  

I added solid black for the binding.  It gives the quilt a nice frame.  

My sweet husband held it up for me outside to take a picture.  

I love how it turned out.  

It matched my piano room quite nicely.  

I told them that if they didn't like it, I would be happy to keep it.  ;)

But the good news is that they loved it!

On a personal note, school has started for my children and we are settling into our new routine.  I was able to work in some time for blogging today.  Even though I haven't been blogging, I have still been sewing.  I have finished all the wedding quilts and a few more.  So I have lots to share if I can keep up with the computer time.  I hope you are all doing well!