Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Different Ways to Hang Quilts

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I love decorating with quilts.  I put them on beds, on tables, on the walls, and anywhere else I can think of.  ;-)  Anyone entering my house can immediately see that a crazy quilter lives here.  Today I thought it would be fun to show different ways I hang quilts on the walls.

One of my new favorite ways to hang quilts is on this drapery rod in my kitchen.

I love it because there is no need to add a hanging sleeve.  Just use the clips to hold it up.

I have also used other styles of drapery rods to hang quilts.  This one is in my basement.

The hangers just mount into the sheet rock, so it is not super secure.  However, I can still rotate the quilts I hang here.

We used  a small drapery rod to hang a mini quilt in Monkey's nursery.

One thing I don't like about this method is how far the little quilt hangs away from the wall.

In addition to purchased drapery rods, my handy husband has built many quilt hangers for me.  One of my favorites in this one in my living room.  It sits flush against the wall.

Which is really nice, because it is behind my front door.

He made it to the perfect size for all of my cover story quilts.  (Thimbleberries and my own designs ~ one quilt for each month.) There is a hinge which opens up and a groove in which a rod rests.  He even cut away some of the top board so no pressure is put on the quilts.

My husband also built this hanger which is in my stairway.

It is really nice, because he was able to mount it straight into the studs in the wall, but there is no shelf to collect dust.

Another one of his creations is in my craft room.  This one has a shelf I store my rainbow scraps on.

He was able to mount it to the studs through the back board on this one as well.  The rod just sets on the side pieces. This was the first quilt hanger he made for me ten years ago, and I still love it.

My mom loved this next quilt hanger so much that she had my husband build three of them for her.  Mine is in the basement hallway.

It also mounts into the studs and is really secure.  He drilled holes into the side boards for the rod to slide through.  Originally it was just a plain rod, but my boys kept bumping it and it fell down frequently.  So my husband cut the ends off and added these knobs which come on and off easily.  The rod no longer falls down and I can still rotate my quilts.

In some of the bedrooms we have quilts hanging up with just a plain dowel.

We used some Command Performance hooks to hang this one up.

The one on display in Monkey's room is a store bought blanket *gasp* which I added a hanging sleeve to.

This dowel slides in between a couple of push pins.  Whatever works, right?

And I will also admit that plain push pins are sometimes used for hanging quilts.

I have heard that used sewing machine needles would work even better for hanging a quilt like this.

Our newest way to hang a quilt was my hubby's idea.

He found these hooks at the hardware store that hold the dowel while staying hidden.

On my husband's quilt I used corner triangles and tabs with extra give to hold and hide the rod.  We used four of the hooks to hold the rod.

If you want the rod and the tabs to show, then you don't have to stitch them to the back.  (This is a little quilt I finished for a friend.  Her sister did the cross-stitch.)

And here's the back.

Most of the time I make a hanging sleeve with a little extra give on one side.  It helps the quilt hang straighter without rolling around the rod.  I sew one side in with the binding and stitch the other down by hand.  I usually cut the sleeves 6.5 inches wide and hem the sides.  Instead of ironing it in half, I will have one side be about a half inch wider (3 and 3.5).  It may look saggy, but it works great!

If I know it is going on an even thicker rod/dowel I may have an inch difference.

What is your favorite way to hang quilts?


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  1. Love the tour, Jasmine. I got some great ideas though most of my hangers have to be purchased; my husband is a hunter, not a craftsman! And that's great! The pieces your husband made are just gorgeous and I like the simple rods too. I have to admit, though, I gasped when I saw the push pins in that stunning wall quilt! What?!?!?! :) I haven't played with hanging quilts a lot but tend to use tabs or a single sleeve on the back. Thanks again!

  2. I enjoyed reading the ways you hang quilts. The tip on hanging sleeve size is great too. Thank you!

  3. Great ideas! Some I already use, and some are new--have to try those!

  4. Such nice things your husband made for you to hang quilts! I use rod and clips to hang my quilts, because I like to display some of the ministry quilts I make before they get given away and I can't put pockets on the back of them. I also have been known to use push pins( like in the kids rooms), but I have been trying to hang rods in all those spots.

  5. Great! Thank you for the tips. :-)

  6. I currently use push pins through my quilts to the wall. It works for me right now! Some of your hangars are really beautiful, and it is great that your husband is so involved in making and hanging them!

  7. Wonderful tour of not just your hangers but your beautiful quilts Jasmine! You husband is a gifted woodworker too! I love the same one your Mom did. We only have one of my quilts in our home... I've only been quilting for four years and I keep giving them away as fast as I make them. But maybe this year I will get to a point where I keep one for us.

  8. Wow a tour of your home how wonderful!! You have a very handy hubby :-) I sometimes use ball head traight pins for little quilts. But I have 3 great hangers, one is the 2 pieces of wood that pinch your quilt in the middle, I use that for my seasonal wall hangings in the foyer. Then another that my dad built with a shelf on top and the rod going through, and then the ladder rack my hubby built which holds 5 quilts.

  9. So many great ideas! This is exactly what I need as my husband and I have started thinking about how to decorate our new house. I was trying to see if it would be possible to hang a queen size quilt on a wall...or even if that would look good! I'm just afraid it will be too heavy for a regular curtain rod which has been my "go to" tool.

  10. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas. I plan on using drapery rods in my living room when I remodel but I am a sewing machine needle hanger right now!

  11. I like the tip for the hidden dowel hanging! I've been telling my husband I want to get some dowel for quilting hanging, might have to look for those clip things too!

    My walls are brick so I can't use push pins or needles for anything. Everything that goes on the wall needs to be drilled, so it has to be planned specifically. In my sewing room for my design wall, I have a curtain wire from Ikea attached from one wall to another so it trails close to the ceiling and isn't overly obvious, and it lets me clip a few other things up there too (I have a mini hanging in a "dead spot" where the design wall won't reach) and when quilt tops get too big to stick to the design wall I can just use clover clips to hang them from the wire too.

    In my lounge room, I made my husband make me a shelf with a curtain road under it to hang quilts. The couch is in front of it so it only really suits smaller lap quilts, which is fine since long ways drape on the floor anyway! I have the hanging clip things holding the quilt up because I'm too lazy for hanging sleeves :D

    There's a wall in my hallway where I really want to hang a quilt because it's the perfect spot to see it all the time but I've just been thinking of getting a curtain road and nice brackets and finials for it. There's also a spot in my bedroom and the guest bedroom where I want to do something similar as well! I don't think having another shelf like my loungeroom one would work, as I'd like to hang longer quilts on these walls and there'd be no room to put anything on the shelf if it were any higher to accommodate quilt length LOL

  12. What a beautiful quilts!! I like this tour and thanks for the tips!!!!

  13. Thank you for the quilt show! Love all your quilts and seen I few I had not met before. Sure appreciate you showing us so many different ways to hang a quilt. I was especially impressed with the one your husband came up with for the Forest Friends quilt. Genius! And what a handy quilt hanger maker he is! You two compliment each other in so many ways!

  14. So many great ideas. I love wall quilts but admit to being very slow to get them on the walls... hopefully you have inspired me now. And, of course, so many pretty quilts too!

  15. So many great ideas in here! I really like the idea of using those metal clips to hang quilts. I've seen the clips at Ikea in their photo frame section and I think that would be perfect for a wall-hanging size quilt.

  16. How sad is it that I don't have a single quilt hanging in my house?!?! I have a mini to put in the sewing room and will just use push pins for that. I love the dowel rod idea, but my favorite is the one in your dining room that uses drapery clips. You have such beautiful quilts!

  17. Wow!! He is handy!!
    I love your quilts, and your hangers! Now I'm off in search of some of those clips!!

  18. Lovely quilts! I especially like the Corn and Beans and the Snowball and 9 Patch. Love the hanging ideas. I only have one hanging - a gift from a dear blogger friend. It hangs with quilting pins. Thanks for sharing. I know a blog post like that takes a good bunch of time.

  19. Your hangers are so beautiful (and so are the quilts)! How sweet of your husband to be so involved in your decorating. I have an oak shelf with a quilt rod in my family room and a drapery rod in a hallway, but the rest of my quilts are on dowels or screen molding. I used to use tiny nails to support them, but I recently started using Command hooks, which have worked well for me, but I really like your use of the little drapery hooks. Thanks so much for your tour.

  20. Love the hinged hanger your DH made for entry! So inventive!

  21. Just found your site and love the hanging ideas!!! I'm very interested in your first one with the clips as I have several quilts that I'd like to display but don't want to spend the extra time to add sleeves. Can you tell me where I can find those clips? Thanks so much!

    1. I bought the clips pictured here at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I bought similar ones at IKEA. They are clips meant for hanging drapes. You can really buy them anywhere that sells hardware for drapes.

    2. Jasmine thanks for the reply, I did find them EVERYWHERE for drapes but the clips that are pictured look larger then the average drapes ones.... I didn't want to buy them and then they'd be too small to grasp a quilt.... sounds like maybe I don't need to worry. :)

    3. The clips are small. They clip onto the binding. I figure that the more you use the less stress it will be on each clip.

  22. Some "Brilliant" ideas!!!! Thank you. Just made my first totally quilted project and was looking at how it needed to be hung and was lucky enough to stumble across your site....Thank you!!!!

  23. Thank you so much for this post! I was trying to hang a quilt where I can't drill into the wall and realized after reading this that decorative push pins would work. The quilt makes a camera shape and I found push pins in the shape of cameras. Perfect!

  24. Did your husband draw up a pattern for the shelf with the hanging rod? I have 4 quilts I'd like to hang, but it would be nice if I could find a pattern rather than having to create one myself, and then ask my boys to build them for me :-)

  25. Your quilts are spectacular! My compliments.


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