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Hope this is helpful!



  1. What a great collection of tips! Thanks.

  2. round tips are a good idea for scissors - more than once when snipping a thread I caught the quilt instead and had to add a tiny applique to cover it! I need to look for some

  3. Thanks for the label tip. I am sure I will use this one.

  4. Oh my goodness! What a great bunch of tips!!! I particularly like the label, and I must check out your twister quilt tutorial!!

  5. Ooo, this is so much fun! Lots of ideas in one place. I'm trying the sandpaper tip on my next label, which I am going to use your label idea.

  6. I long for a long arm but can't afford one. There is a Tierra at the shop I go to. I'm used to free motion on my regular. Machine. How is it compared to a long arm.


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