Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Amanda Murphy Quilts

A couple years ago my mother and I took a class from Amanda Murphy.  It was on free-motion quilting on the Bernina Q24.  We also bought some of her patterns and fabrics.  These fabrics were from a few of her Benartex fabric lines.  However, two of the purples below were from a different designer.

They sat in a pretty pile on a shelf until last year when I cut into them to make two quilts.  The first quilt used her Meadow Blooms pattern.  I call mine, Evening Bloom.  Her quilts appear more scrappy because each of her main blocks used five different fabrics plus the background.  I limited each block to two fabrics in my quilt. 

The second uses her Blossoms pattern.  I call mine Meadow Diamonds.  Hers has large flowers appliqued all over the quilt.  You will notice that mine has no applique.  ;)

The tops came together quickly and then I quilted them both on the Bernina Q24. 

Then they sat for two months.  I was pregnant and had no energy to do the bindings.  One weekend I forced myself to bind both of them. 

I was so excited they were finished that I quickly put them on display in the basement with our new sofas.  I didn't want to take the time for any outdoor pictures.

And there they have stayed for the last year.  I still hope to sew up some quilted pillow shams with the scraps from Meadow Diamonds. 

But that requires time and energy.  Maybe someday...


Saturday, May 23, 2020

Introducing Kitty

(Quilt made for me by my grandmother many years ago.)

It is amazing to me how quickly life changes.  Two years ago we were a family of five.  My husband, myself, and our three boys: Cheetah, Panda, and Monkey. Then we adopted our sweet Bunny.  We became a family of six and my quilting time drastically decreased.  Blogging was pretty sporadic.

One year ago I found out I was pregnant (an extreme surprise as we didn't think we could have any more children). My quilting time decreased even more due to lack of energy. I stopped blogging to take care of my family and prepare for the baby.

Older quilts were brought in to decorate the nursery.

Half a year ago our sweet Kitty was born.  Now we are a family of seven and feel truly blessed.

Three months ago we started hearing more about Covid-19.

Now, not only has our family been changing but the world has been changing.  Our boys have been doing online at home schooling, and Cheetah had a virtual high school graduation.

Miss Kitty is our little sunshine and a great reminder that life goes on even with trial, tribulation, and pandemics.

So while I haven't made as many quilts in the past year, they have been getting lots of use for snuggles.  Blogging will be sporadic, but I'd still like to share the quilts and other projects that I have finished.

I hope you are all safe and well through this pandemic.