Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mini Quilt Display

First, I would like to thank everyone who checked up on me over the summer.  My blogging break ended up being longer than I originally planned.  ;)  I had a fabulous summer filled with family, friends, and fun.  Now that the boys are all back in school, I plan on getting back to blogging.

When I shared pictures of my new sewing studio last May, I showed this stack of mini quilts I was hoping to hang on the wall.

Thanks to the help of my husband and Ikea, they are now on display in my studio.

I decided that I wanted rods with clips around my studio so that I can change out the mini quilts whenever I feel like it.  I used the Fintorp rails and the Syrlig clips from Ikea for my mini quilts.

My husband hung two rails on each side of my window for a total of four mini quilts.

He hung a fifth rail above my old cutting table near the door to display a fifth quilt.

Then he cut two rails a little smaller and hung them up together above my design wall area.  This way I can either use my design wall or hang up a quilt.  (This is Monkey's Monster Alphabet quilt I borrowed for this picture.)

I enjoy seeing a quilt more than an empty design wall.

Having my mini quilts displayed makes my studio feel so much more like home.