Monday, April 14, 2014

Thomas the Train Bag

I was able to sneak in a little sewing and quilting time during spring break.  I made this cute Thomas the Train tote bag for my little Monkey.  The blue lining, red outer part, train pockets, and handles are all quilted with Hobbs 80/20 batting.  So the bag ended up with a double layer of batting.  I love how soft it is and how it turned out.  (Thanks go to my friend, Vicki, for the batting suggestion.) 

Monkey was very good on one of my trips to the quilt shop and told me he wanted to look at car fabric.  We found a Thomas the Train panel and he fell in love with it.  He stayed in the stroller and held that bolt of fabric for a long time.  Once we paid for the fabric he held it and hugged it the whole time we were at the shop.  Which was over an hour, because my mom joined us and I helped her pick out fabric for a quilt.   

I love how his clothes match the bag in this photo.  :D  He told me that it was "hevy."

This bag only used part of the panel, so I have more for another project some time.  I cut out red and blue pieces 18 x 21 to make the tote.  It was a little bigger than the 18 inch square pieces I have used for other totes.  That three inches made a big difference, and I really like this size.   It used 1.75 yards of fabric and I purchased 1 yard of fabric. 

The rest of spring break looked more like this...

Yes, we are one of those crazy smart families who dress the kids alike.  It is easier to keep track of them that way.  My husband took the week off of work, and we played hard.  Monkey was often heard saying, "Daddy do it."  Which was fine by me, especially when it was time to change his diaper.  ;) 

As fun as the play time was, it was nice to have more routine today.  I was even able to finish this cute baby blanket for a friend. 

Hopefully, I can get more done the rest of the month. 


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  1. The tote is adorable but your tote model just stole your sewing show! :) Love the purple baby blanket, looks very snuggly!

  2. That Thomas the Train bag is wonderful! Beautiful purple baby blanket! -Brittany

  3. Your little 'Monkey' is so adorable holding that bag, LOVE 'em both! Thanks for the shout out :-) So glad it worked out well for you too. I'm a little jealous of your beautiful outside right now-we got a little snow and cold again :-(

  4. Monkey looks so proud of his bag! Bravo!

  5. The bag is wonderful but Monkey is even more adorable. Spending over an hour in a quilt shop, would be a quick trip for me. I don't get to them very often. It was lovely seeing your family spending time together.

  6. Wonderful bag. Looks like a bag your little Monkey could fit in. I think it might be bigger than him!

  7. Sew-Weet! Your monkey sure does look pleased with his new bag and it's just adorable to see him in his matching shirt. Glad to see your family enjoyed spring break together! Nice baby blanket, too! Looks real snugly!


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