Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Garden View: A Finished Quilt

I am happy to say that I have finished this floral quilt for my Sister-in-law.  I ended up with one less day, because there was some confusion about when she was leaving. I was able to get it quilted, bound, labeled, and gifted all in one day.  That took me five hours.  She loves it and is excited to take it with her on the plane, because she always gets cold.  She also looks forward to cuddling with it on the couch. 

I appreciated the name suggestions I received on my post about the quilt, and combined the ideas to come up with the name, "Garden View."  It feels like looking through the windows at a beautiful garden.  Finishing this quilt was my August goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes (Link #55).  It feels great to have it finished early. 

I quilted it just like I planned in this post.  The only thing I didn't specify was quilting Xs in the cornerstones.  To quilt the Xs I used one of my long arm rulers.  The 45 degree lines on the ruler helped a lot when lining up the ruler. 

I LOVE the texture that the quilting added. 

You can see the texture even more on the back.  (If you look closely, you can see my label in the lower right corner.) 

In fact, I may like the back more than the front. 

The backing is a darling Primitive Gatherings fabric for Moda.  It is a green print on a cream background.  Perfect for quilting with those two colors of thread. 

I still love the way the front turned out.  Quilting the flowers and the squiggles was so much fun. 

I bound the quilt in the Kona Crimson fabric, and I love how it pulls the reds and pinks out of the floral. 

If I had that extra day, I would have bound this one by hand.  But my sister-in-law loves it the way it is.  Thank goodness!  ;)

And here is one more picture of "Garden View" with a view of my garden.  

Quilt Stats #111
Name: Garden View
Pattern: 9 inch squares with 3 inch sashing and cornerstones
Quilting Design: Flowers and a Wiggle
Fabric: From my stash and Kona Crimson
Backing: Primitive Gatherings
Amount Used: 6.5 yards
Batting: Hobbs 80/20
Size: About 51 x 63inches
Date Finished: August 2014
What I Learned:
  • I need to pay closer attention when cutting if I don't feel well.  (I cut a whole green strip out at 9.25 inches instead of 9.5 inches.  Luckily, I barely had enough to complete the sashing.)
  • I made the bobbin tension slightly tighter than normal on my Tiara when quilting with the Omni thread from Superior Threads.  I didn't have problems with it slipping out of the bobbin hook this time.  :)
  • Fussy cutting uses up a lot more fabric!
It was difficult photographing this quilt, because of the contrast between the red and green.  I think the colors may be the most true in this indoor photo. 


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  1. Wow, that was fast! I love it. The quilting adds so much. Love the texture!

  2. Oh yay! I am so glad you were able to get the quilt finished in time for her to take it home with her. And how perfect for her to use it right away on her flights. The quilting detail is a nice touch, and I do love how it pops out on the backing, too.

  3. Great finish - you are fast! So glad you finished it time for her to take home with her. The quilting turned out pretty too! (love how you can see it on the back too!)

  4. Wow that was a fast finish! I bet you were tired when it was over. Did all of these fabrics come straight from your stash (I know you were trying to use up stash before buying anything new)? I love the back best too! Perfect view of all you gorgeous quilting!

  5. It turned out beautiful! I love your quilting, especially seen from the back. Glad you were able to finish in time for your SIL to take it with her. Your quilt looks really pretty in the photo with your garden flowers.

  6. Amazing quilting! I know your SIL must be thrilled!!!

  7. Gorgeous view! The quilting is exquisite. If your SIL didn't know you loved her before... She sure does now! Lovely photos, Jasmine. Well done!

  8. Lovely quilt! What a lucky SIL! Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  9. It's such a nice quilt and the back is amazing. Love the quilting! I'm so glad you finished it in time so your SIL could take it with her.

  10. Wow, it's a great quilt, love the quilting. I really like that last shot of the quilt by the garden. That really makes the color palette sing.

  11. Wonderful finish! I agree with you - the quilting looks amazing from the back!

  12. Beautiful job on the quilting. The back shows off how lovely it is and I love the nice 9inch squares to show off a nice fabric.

  13. Congrats on finishing on time-I knew you would :-) Your hosta is so pretty, the deer stripped 3 of mine right down to just the stalk!

  14. I'll bet she was envied by everyone on the plane home if she was snuggled under this! It's beautiful. I love how the quilting shows up on the back.

  15. Congrats on finishing it up in time and meeting your goal!!

  16. This is so pretty Jasmine! I LOVE your quilting!! The back shows it off so nicely, love it :)

  17. It is a beauty! I love the attention to detail - fussy cutting and fussy quilting. And to get it completed in a day!!

  18. You have become quite an expert with your quilting machine! Beautiful quilting!

  19. What a wonderful finish and lucky Sister-in-law. I adore the quilting motif in the blocks and the photo of the quilt with the Hosta.

  20. Oh Jasmine your quilting is just wonderful on this quilt!!!


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