Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Table Toppers and More

My boys were home for fall break, so I decided to work on small projects.  

While I loved having Broomzelda on my kitchen table, she has flown downstairs to the entertainment center.  This made room for a newer, brighter, table topper. 

I originally made this one with 2.5 inch strips, and thought it was a little too big for my table.  It is about 24 inches from side to side, and a little more point to point.  (As a side note I could only cut 5 of these rectangles out of the WOF strip set.  The sixth was made with short strips and cut to size.)

So I decided to make a smaller topper which was just orange and black.  I cut these strips out at 2 inches and was able to get all six triangles out of the WOF strip set.  It is about 18 inches from side to side. 

On both hexagonal webs I put right sides together with the batting and sewed around.  Then turned it right side out, closed the opening, and quilted in the ditch.  It is difficult to get a good picture of the back.

I am loving it in the kitchen, and my friend (who I gave the larger one to) is loving hers.  :)

I also finished a mini quilt made with the scraps from the Scatter Sunshine quilt I made this summer.  It is about 16 x 18 inches. 

I quilted it simply with a single loop in each square.  It was so much fun to quilt, and I love how puffy it is with the Hobbs 80/20 batting.  (I have been using a lot of Warm and White lately.)

I backed it with a blue and yellow flower print. 

While these aren't my favorite colors, it looks neat with my fall flowers.  So I have decided to call it "Fall Sunshine." 

So while this was going to be a doll quilt, it is now a table (or piano) topper. 

I also have an older (surprise) finish to share.  It is this cute flower/heart table topper.  I used the Hex-n-More ruler to cut out the gem shapes from 9.5 inch strips.  I made two.  :) They finish around 18 inches. 

I also put these right sides together with the batting, and then turned it right side out to top stitch and quilt. 

One of these has already made it to Wales for my friend Jennifer of Glinda Quilts

Mine was on the piano for a month (before I put the fall topper on last week). 

And speaking of gifts, I never mentioned this super cute hot pad that Vicki of Vicki's Crafts made for me.  (Thanks again, Vicki!)

My husband saw it and made a table topper out of it.  I came into the kitchen one morning and saw this: 

Just don't ask why this Easter basket/spring floral arrangement was still on the top of my fridge in September.  So this was on my kitchen table for a month until I put my Halloween decorations out.  In fact, it is back on my fridge again.  I am either six months late or six months early.  ;)

Now that the big boys are back in school, I hope to get to some more sneaky sewing. 


P.S.  I am linking up with Tuesday Archives (for my Halloween Hexagons) and Let's Bee Social.  The buttons are on the sidebar if you want to see what other's have done. 


  1. All of your toppers are so fun and colorful! A great way to add some seasonal color to every room.

  2. I love all your table toppers! They are all such pretty projects to add a bit of flair to a room. Your spider web ones must look great with your new Halloween quilt in your kitchen.

  3. Great ideas for tabletoppers!! Your boys must love all the Halloween decorations!!

  4. I really like how your new table topper turned out - it matches your Halloween quilt wall hanging so nicely. I hope that Broomzelda does not mind her new location. And good luck with more sneaky sewing now that the boys are back in school!

  5. All of your projects are really cute.... But I am so impressed with your spider web toppers! Just perfect to go with your gorgeous wall hanging. How clever to have finished these with the turn it inside right and then quilt method!

  6. Nice projects! Couldn't even pick a favorite . . . I love them all!

  7. Perfect toppers for your tables!!! I love to decorate in the seasonal theme's! Surprised when I saw a familiar hot pad-your DH was thinking by matching it up to your floral arrangement :-)

  8. I love the spider web table toppers! They go so well with your new Halloween quilt. Fall Sunshine is beautiful too. You've been quite busy!

  9. so much accomplished! I like your witch quilt on the table but the new one goes with the new quilt... and I like it very much. It's fun to make those sixty degree quilts! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  10. You have been productive! Fun Halloween deco!


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