Monday, December 29, 2014

Sneaky Sewing Success Story

Thanks to many suggestions for sneaky wrapping on my Super Sneaky Sewing Tips post, my wrapping was a sneaky success!  Hubby's quilt is hiding in the big red flat box, Monkey's quilt is hiding in the big golden box, Panda's quilt is hiding in the giant Tootsie Roll, and Cheetah's small gold box contains a note and marbles.  :) 

On Christmas morning, the very first present opened was Panda's giant Tootsie Roll present.  He was very surprised that it was a quilt.  He liked that it was just like Bear's (which I had read to him as a bed time story the night before).  He loved it and his fuzzy pillow that Mommy made just for him. 

Then Monkey opened his present from Mommy.  He took one look at the trucks and said, "It's mine!"  It was said with excitement and awe, not possession.  What a way to warm Mommy's heart. He was way too excited to look at the camera.

Next, Cheetah opened his little box from Mommy.  He was sure there was a gift card hiding with the marbles.  (I have been reminding him for the last few months that he already has a fuzzy quilt which he made himself.)  Instead of a gift card, he found a note telling him where his real present could be found.  He was very happy to receive his own big quilt that Mommy made just for him.  He has an obsession with minky... with some Gollum-like tendencies. 

The next present opened was Hubby's quilt from me.  He took one look at it and said, "There's bear tracks" with a big smile.  I was happy to tell him that the quilt was named, "Bear Tracks."

As wonderful as it was seeing them open their presents on Christmas morning, the best thing was tucking my sons in that night.  They were all sleeping with their new pillows and quilts.  Which really goes to show how much Monkey loves his quilt.  He had been sleeping with the same blanket for the last two years, but no longer needs it to sleep. 

Thanks for all of your wishes for a Merry Christmas.  As you can see, it was pretty wonderful.  I hope you also had an exciting holiday. 


P.S.  Can you tell that I like alliteration?

P.P.S.  Oh, and I haven't received any complaints from Cheetah about the name of his quilt.  Apparently he approves of "Wild About You," because he told me that that was what it was called when I tried to tell him it was a barn raising pattern.  :D


  1. Just love their smiles! There is no doubt these boys love their quilts made by mommy!! I'd say you hit a major grand slam with all of your boys and hubby too, he's looking mighty pleased! Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us :)

  2. What a wonderful set of quilts - it looks like everyone had the perfect Christmas in your house!

  3. The best gifts in the under homemade quilts! I would have such a hard time hiding them while I sew as I can't keep the kids out of the sewing room!

  4. I've been waiting for this post!! LOL!! Curious how the boys all enjoyed their quilts! Thanks for sharing...ya sure gave me smiles!!! (I just noticed I need to make some manly all mine are cute and pretty!!)

  5. Those smiles say it all! Successful sneaky sewing :)

  6. You are so right! EVERYONE does look so happy with their new quilts. Loved seeing their excited faces. What a wonderful Christmas morning!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing! I was wondering what all the boys thought of their quilts. But of course they loved them!!

  8. Awww that was so sweet to see them lovin' your wonderful work so much!! Keep on creating my friend!

  9. Everyone looks so happy with their new quilts - Congrats on the success of your sneaky sewing!!

  10. I love this post so much! Such a great job on the wrapping and mystery. You are much better than I am at keeping a secret!

  11. Oh my, Jasmine, you did so well - look at all those happy faces! :) It sounds like a very joyous Christmas.

  12. Your boys look so happy with your gifts of love!


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