Friday, March 13, 2015

Forest Friends: A Finished Quilt

My husband's birthday quilt is now finished.  :) Only a day after his birthday.  But that's okay.  I got it quilted in the morning yesterday, and then was able to fix him a nice home cooked meal and have family time.  I finished up the binding and hanging tabs this morning.  4 days start to finish isn't bad.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I debated about quilting an all over design or a custom design.  I decided to ask the birthday boy, and he chose the all over design.  I guess he likes simple quilts too.

When quilting over the animals, I just tried not to quilt over their faces.  I really like the way it turned out.

The animals are cut out from a Robert Kaufman Pine Ridge panel, and the block borders are a few fabrics my husband picked out as well as scraps from his Christmas quilt.  The backing is a companion print from the Pine Ridge line.

Because the quilt finishes about 40 x 50 inches, I didn't have to piece the backing.

You can see the corners and tabs on the top for hanging the quilt.  My husband was very specific on how he wanted to hang it.  The corners will keep the rod from sliding out, and the tabs will keep it on the rod.

He found some hooks which fit this rod perfectly and will mount with screws flush to the wall.

When I make tabs or a hanging sleeve like this, I stitch the bottom down with some give at the top (about a half inch)

That helps the quilt not to "roll" over the rod and it hangs straighter.  We used four of these hooks to hang it up.

And here is where it will live.

Knowing it will be displayed on a wall with wood paneling, I decided to bind it in green.  (His favorite color.)  It is the same plaid from the top of the quilt, but cut on the bias.  I love plaids on the bias.

I added my favorite corner label to finish it.

Cheetah helped me name the quilt "Forest Friends."  He didn't like my original name, "Wildlife."  He can be such a sweet critic.  ;)

Quilt Stats #136
Name:  Forest Friends
Pattern:  Square in a Square (blocks finish at ten inches, and borders are 1.25 inches finished)
Fabrics Used:  Pine Ridge and scraps
Amount Used: 5 yards
Batting: Hobbs 80/20
Size:  About 40 x 50 inches
Date Finished: March 2015
What I learned:

  • It helps to take a break from arranging things on the design wall.  
  • Fussy cutting uses up a lot more fabric.  
  • My dad loves this quilt.  He wants one just like it but big enough to cuddle in.  
Until he hangs this quilt up, I will be enjoying it on my sofa.  

My husband received his big present (something for playing in the great outdoors) early, and his quilt a day late.  At least he was able to open a gift from Jennifer on his birthday.

He loves the green, ducks, and hunting dogs.  Thanks so much Jennifer!


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  Check them out to see what other quilters are doing.


  1. Oh, I look forward to seeing it hanging in place. Congratulations on such a quick finish; it looks great and I love the final name you and Cheetah settled on.

  2. It's lovely Jasmine! Lucky man. My husband just got a gun this year. And he picked it out. I'm thinking he'll need a quilt to hang in his office now. Father's day, maybe?

    Love that Cheetah named it for you. Little critics are awesome because they are so honest.

  3. Oooh it looks so very nice on your couch. Is he hanging it in your house or taking it to work? Your stitches all look so even, do you use a stitch regulator? Curious as to what his 'big' present was- first thing that came to mind was an ATV.

  4. Beautiful as always, Jasmine. You have an eye for fabric and the quilting. It turned out great. He will be very proud of what his wife made just for him!

  5. It looks great, another beautiful finish! I was wondering what kind of hooks do you use to hang it?

  6. Jasmine, Forest Friends turned out beautifully! I think the meander looks great and the texture is awesome! And the binding on the bias is fabulous! I have yet to do that. . . going to have to do that soon! It is amazing how it changes the look in such a dramatic (and very pleasing) way. Does it take more fabric when cutting on the bias?

  7. Love the name Cheetah chose! Whoa, but 4 days "isn't bad"??!! You are up there with Cyndy in my estimation, my friend. You know, sometimes simple is all you really need, says the girl who often overthinks stuff...I also really like the way you did the hanging sleeve--I usually do a long tube that takes a while to hand-tack to the bottom edge. Must remember this!

  8. can't quite believe you finished this so fast! I just love the plaid binding and tabs. I went to the Lancaster show yesterday and shopping after, and saw some fabric I thought said quilt kisses! It didn't, just kisses and some other stuff you might not have liked. I was going to get some for you for sure had it said quilt somewhere, and kisses somewhere... gotta find just the right blend! LeeAnna

  9. Amazing work, done amazingly fast, as usual.
    OK, when you take a "rea.....lly" long time to finish a quilt, like a month, that would be news.
    I have yet to put a sleeve on anything. So impressed :-)

  10. Your turnaround time is amazing... I would have thought maybe for next year and gone shopping! Such a pretty quilt and it's nice that your family takes such an interest in your passion.

  11. Just catching up on my blog reading. Enjoying seeing what you've been up to :) This quilt looks great on your sofa! I switched to Gmail, so hopefully now you all will actually know when I comment!

  12. It's perfect, Jasmine! I love that some of the animals are smaller, so they have two layers of fabric borders. It gives the whole quilt a little more interest, and the all over quilting is perfect.

  13. So cleaver Jasmine....See I just don't look at panels this is great!! Thanks again for sharing your post under our panels theme this week!


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