Friday, March 27, 2015

Pinwheels in the Wind: A Finished Quilt

I am happy to say that my brother W's quilt is now finished.  I talked more about the piecing and inspiration in my previous post.

I was unable to find a plain cream minky for the backing, and the green I purchased didn't work.  So I bought an off-white minky for the backing.  (It doesn't photograph that well.)

It is just a little bit lighter than the Kona Snow in my label.

I decided to name it "Pinwheels in the Wind" because the swirly quilting reminds me of wind.

This was the largest I had quilted spirals. A lot of the quilting lines are an inch apart.  Some of the spirals  have hooks and some don't.  I just quilted whatever fit the space.  It is so cuddly and looks really neat on the minky backing.

Because of the lighter backing, I chose one of the light greens for the binding.  Totally love how soft it looks.

And so does Cheetah.  He had to test it out when I was trying to take a picture of the backing in the sunlight (too bright).

Reminds me of his little brother Monkey and the Through the Woods quilt.  Lol.

Cheetah has told me at least three times this week that he is so glad I got over my fear of minky.  :D

I found my boys fighting over Pinwheels in the Wind yesterday, so I told them to go get their own minky backed quilt.  It's probably not surprising that they think they need more minky backed quilts.

I will be sure to tell W that if he doesn't like it, he can just give it back.  My boys will use it!

Quilt Stats #137
Name: Pinwheels in the Wind
Pattern: 16 inch pinwheels inspired by Val's quilt
Fabrics Used: cream and greens from stash with a minky backing
Amount Used: 7 yards
Batting: Hobbs 80/20
Size: About 58 x 76 inches
Date Finished: March 2015
What I learned:
  • Take fabric from the quilt top with you when buying the backing even if you know what you want.  (I bought the wrong green when my favorite LQS didn't have the cream.)
  • I can quilt large swirls/spirals.  
  • Using a magazine to flatten a block after it's pressed really works.  
Now I just have two sibling quilts left.  One for my sister K and one for my brother V.  Then I may start giving quilts to my nieces and nephews when they get married. (There are more than 40 and one of them is engaged.)  


P.S. I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  There is something fun for every day of the week.  


  1. Jasmine...your quilt is lovely!!! I love my Tiara fun aren't they???? even though I hand quilt mostly, I thoroughly enjoy it.

  2. Jasmine, you got that quilted fast! ANd the swirls are perfect for this Pinwheels in the WInd!! So flattered to know I inspired you...THANK YOU for the smiley moment!! (BTW...your boys are growing fast!)

  3. You are a speed demon so making 40 more won't be a problem for you!! Perfect name for this quilt.

  4. Wonderful finish Jasmine! The swirl quilting is perfect with the pinwheels.

  5. What a fabulous finish, Jasmine! I struggle with "large" quilting - I tend to start big and then go back to a more comfortable small pattern as I work. This looks great, and I love your use of the swirl hook here and there, too. I love the photos of your boys cuddling the backs of your quilts. :)

  6. This is such a soft calming quilt. You did a great job selecting the quilting design. Your brother will treasure this quilt. The greens are beautiful! Super finish, Jasmine!

  7. You're going to be busy making quilts for your extended family! I like the binding you chose, soft and pretty!

  8. Beautiful! Awsome quilting! :-)

  9. Beautiful quilt Jasmine! I've been under a rock this week and have missed a few posts, and um, how many quilts??? Still haven't used Minky yet... Think I will have to on the next quilt for my grandson. (which, by the way, at age 6, he has ordered!!)

  10. Your little guys really crack me up Jasmine, the way they quality inspect your quilts for cuddliness. You did an awesome quilting job - especially considering this is Minky!

  11. This is such a soft, cuddly quilt - your boys approved. Adorable kids!!!
    Would love to know more about the minky backing - dos and don'ts. Was it too heavy/difficult to quilt/move?
    The large swirly quilting will keep it soft and cuddly - wise choice!!!

  12. Beautiful, I'm sure he'll love it. I also love minkee on the backs of quilts. So soft and cuddly.

  13. Well, that turned out darned sweet. It's so cute to see your sons laying spread eagle on the minky side! I'm impressed that your next project is quilts for 40 nieces and nephews! I have one niece, period. I guess it would be easy to make something for her! Just a wonderful job on your quilt, kudos.

  14. Your boys are just too darn cute! They always make me smile :) Pinwheels in the Wind is such a wonderful quilt. I don't think your boys are going to get this one back!! Your swirls look awesome! I struggle with keeping a bigger design the same size. Like Yvonne, my comfort zone is smaller and I find I go back to a smaller scale.

  15. Those quilted swirls really do make it seem like the pinwheels are blowing in the wind. I love the pictures of your boys testing the quilts...looks like they passed inspection!

  16. Lovely calm colours and beautiful quilting. Is minky the very soft fleece? I should think it is quite hard to control when you are quilting if it is stretchy. Gorgeous photos of the boys, I'm sure your brother will love his quilt.

  17. This turned out great! The name really does fit the quilting, love it!

  18. I've the color and the pinwheels! Your minky loving boys are too sweet!!!


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