Friday, June 12, 2015

Finishing My Sister's Third Quilt

My sister wanted to make a table runner to give as a gift, so I went fabric shopping with her.  She fell in love with a Jinny Beyer jelly roll.  We did add three different fabrics to it so there would be fifteen different batiks for the quilt.

She wondered what to do with the rest of the strips, and decided to make a quilt as well.

This is only her third quilt.  Her first quilt took her ten years to finish.  It is a beautiful lattice quilt.

She quilted it at my house with my Pfaff twelve years ago.  Her second quilt is a baby quilt which was a hand quilted panel.  It took her fifteen years to finish.  We finished her third quilt together in one week.

She bought the fabric on Monday.  Sewed the strips together for the Strip and Flip quilt and the table runner on Tuesday.  Added borders at my house on Wednesday.  Quilted her table runner on her own machine on Thursday.  Helped me quilt the quilt on my mom's Fusion on Friday.  Watched me sew the binding on the quilt, then sewed the binding on the table runner on Saturday.  It was exhausting!
But we were so amazed that her third quilt was finished in less than a week.

She chose the field of flowers digital pantograph which came with the Fusion for the quilting design.

I got the biggest kick out of the fact that she matched her quilt when we were quilting it.

Once we finished the quilt and runner, they had to have a photo shoot at my house.  :D

First, here's the table runner.

I will admit that the binding is only glued down in these pictures.  She will use the ladder stitch to sew it down to the back by hand.

It looked so pretty outside.

And I really loved the quilt.  It finishes about 55 x 70 inches and used the Strip and Flip Tutorial at Cluck Cluck Sew.  I like using the full width of the fabric and adding a 5 inch border.

We quilted it in a light gray thread which looked great on the front.

And perfect on the back.

The binding is the same as the backing and adds such a great frame to the quilt.

My mom thinks she should start making more quilts now.

 I really am so proud of my (older) sister.


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar for this fun joint finish.


  1. Such a talented quilty family! The quilt and table runner are lovely.

  2. Sister's third quilt is beautiful. Maybe the quick finish will inspire her to try more?

  3. Congratulations sister (older)! The colors are gorgeous; love those jelly rolls! Nice quilting too! Looks like mom is getting use out of her longarm.

  4. Wow, what a dramatic time difference! I bet it was a bit of a marathon to get it all done in a week, but the table runner and quilt are both lovely. And it is so awesome that your sister matched so well; it speaks to the fact that she is going to love it!

  5. Beautiful!!!! I love the colors used too and that makes it perfect. Great job on the blending and I love the reversed section to accent the values. Beautiful she can't wait to start another.

  6. Love the wave quilting on the table runner. It gives it great motion.

  7. congrats to your sis! this is so pretty, and a great size. Finished so quickly with your help and long arm machine. LeeAnna

  8. Two gorgeous projects. Well done sisters. Love the quilting on the table runner-really lifts it to another level.

  9. Congratulations to your sister and you for absolutely gorgeous finishes!! Love the colors. The quilting on both is beautiful! Now that she sees how quickly she can finish a quilt, maybe she will quilt more :) What a great family effort!

  10. Well, that was a fun story! Congrats to your sister for completing her quilt so quickly (and to you and your Mom for supporting her efforts). Pretty projects!

  11. Very very cool, love the story behind it all too!

  12. Just beautiful - the colours, the pattern and the quilting that just sets it all off, wonderful! Lovely to see.

  13. Both your sister's quilts look wonderful. I love the white against the dark batiks.

  14. Three cheers for your sisters finishes and for you helping her get them done. That lattice quilt is beautiful. ANd batiks are just always so pretty.

  15. Oh and she chose just the right colors-my favorite!! She and you did an awesome job and so quickly!!

  16. Your quilt is gorgeous, Jasmine. Love the colors and the quilting is just perfect!!!
    I used the same pattern on my quilt (Principal & Interest) I completed recently. Amazing difference made with the choice of colors.

  17. I had to laugh when I read your last sentence - my sister is always introducing me as her (older) sister. :) The colors in the batik fabrics are so pretty. Your sister did a great job on her quilt. The binding is a great way to finish it, and the wide borders look so nice!

  18. Fab fab fabulous quilt and runner! My daughter and my (younger, lol) sister, Linda, who always reminds me I am older than her, would also love these. Both are purple lovers. I chuckled when I read that she matched her quilt!! What a rich rich jelly roll. Jinny Beyer just makes some ahh-mazing fabrics. One week. Wow. Good for her! Hope she will make more, as your mom thinks!


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