Thursday, August 27, 2015

Spring Sorbet: A Finished Quilt

I had so much fun finishing this scrappy jelly roll race quilt.  I estimate that the scraps were the equivalent of 2.5 jelly rolls.  I don't know if the machine quilting, the first 55 yard seam, or remembering all the other quilts was the most fun. (Check out my previous post for more details on the piecing)  All in all, it was very enjoyable for a quilt made just for fun.  ;D

I knew I wanted to do an all over quilting pattern on this quilt.  The difficulty was in deciding which one to try, because I wanted to try something new.  I ended up choosing a large paisley quilting design.  I quilted it in a light gray Omni thread.

I started the quilting in the center then continued to work my way around the quilting multiple times switching from clockwise to counterclockwise.  I was able to quilt in that order because I have lots of room with my sit down quilting machine.  I quilted the entire full size quilt without rotating the quilt once.  I love my Tiara!  You can see how I started it in the picture below.  It is where the four paisleys meet together at a point.

I love how the quilting looks in the sunshine and how it helps blend all the strips together.  I purposely left in some slightly darker strips, because I think it adds interest to an otherwise light quilt.

I had plans for a two sided quilt which would have eight inch cut squares across the entire back, but decided to simplify the backing.  There is just a section four squares across down the length of the quilt.

There are two fabrics with four squares each and two fabrics with only one square each.  The rest all have two squares each.  My boys enjoy looking for the matches and finding the oddball fabrics.  You can see the entire backing in the picture below.

The light fabrics all came from my stash and the blue heart fabric came from my mom's stash.  The only thing I had to purchase was the binding.  I chose a fun purple dot print, because purple is my favorite color.  I first sewed it to the back, then sewed it to the front by machine.  I find myself binding more and more quilts by machine.

I was thinking of calling the quilt "Sherbet Strips" but Cheetah vetoed that name.  He came up with the name "Spring Sorbet."  He said that sorbet sounded lots better than sherbet.  Lol.

I made this quilt just for fun, and it is now hanging out in my living room.  I think it looks so pretty on my sofa.

And here is one more picture  of the whole quilt top just for fun.  You can definitely see more of the prints and less of the quilting in the shade.

Quilt Stats #145
Quilt Name: Spring Sorbet
Pattern: Race Quilt Variation 
Fabrics Used: From my stash
Amount Used: 13 yards
Size: About 80 x 96 inches
Batting: Hobbs 80/20
Date Finished: August 2015
What I Learned:

  • It is so much fun to use up scraps and see how a quilt will turn out.
  • It is more fun to sew a 55 yard seam than press a 55 yard seam.  (I like to press after each seam rather than once the entire top is sewn.)
  • I need to slow down a little with my machine quilting.  The design was so large that I found myself quilting faster than my stitch regulator could handle.  

You will probably see more of this style of quilt from me in the future.  I love the random piecing in long strips.  It is a great stash buster!


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  Check them out for lots of quilty inspiration.


  1. Perfect quilting design on this one, it turned out just oh so pretty!! The backing still looks like a 2 sided quilt to me ;-)

  2. I agree with Vicki! Quilting design is perfect, the texture it creates and as you said the blending effect is fab! I'm super impressed that you did the entire quilt with no turning! Yay! :)

    Cheetah's comment had me literally laughing out loud! Thanks Cheetah, for the morning giggle and after thinking about it, I agree ;) Spring Sorbet is the perfect name for this quilt!

  3. The quilting adds great motion and movement to the quilt top, Jasmine. I like how you started the design by meeting 4 paisley's together. Congratulations on a fast and fun finish on such a large quilt!

  4. As always, I love your quilting :) Enjoy your "just for fun" quilt.

  5. Great finish! The paisley quilting was a perfect choice - it looks beautiful on both the front and the back.

  6. I don't usually care for Jelly Race quilts, but I really like yours with the variety of strip lengths. You're right - the darker strips really do add depth to the quilt. Great finish!

  7. Great finish! Love that it was a stash buster too. The quilting adds lots of interest!

  8. I really like the jelly race quilts, and love how you quilted this one.

  9. I really like the quilting on this one! You know you're enjoying it when you want to quilt faster than the machine!

  10. This is the first Jelly. Roll Race quilt I've seen that makes me want to do one. It's beautiful, love the quilting.

  11. This looks great Jasmine. Your quilting choice really fits the quilt and has turned out so well. Great finish for you to enjoy.

  12. Lovely quilt, Jasmine! The fabrics are beautiful and I'm sure will always bring back those memories. And of course!, the quilting is awesome. Love those paisleys!

  13. I LOVE this quilt. Your colour choices are great and you picked the perfect quilting to set it off. Beautiful.

  14. Great stash buster indeed. Might have to do something like that for these wheelchair quilts. I love the quilting you did, and I think having some more plain fabric on the back on either side of the squares allows the quilting texture to be truly appreciated. Love that Cheetah of yours, what a way with words!

  15. The middle paisley is adorable! And I love the softness it adds to a very straight line quilt. I'm with Cheetah - sorbet is much classier!

  16. This is a big, beautiful quilt, Jasmine. Such soft and pretty colours, but enough of a variation to add interest and keep the eye flowing around. The quilting is beautiful. Gotta love that grey Omni thread!

  17. Well done! I agree: the darker strips add a layer of interest. : )

  18. I love jelly roll race quilts. This one looks soft, warm and comforting. Congratulations on a beautiful finish!

  19. I love your quilt. I have a similar one just waiting to be quilted. I used all scraps and sewed them jelly roll fashion.
    I love your quilting design. It turned out great. Thanks for sharing. You've inspired me.

  20. Oh isn't it pretty! I love the quilting, it's really shown off well in the quilt without being overpowering :)

  21. It's really gorgeous, Jasmine. I'm with you on remembering fondly where you've used the fabric before - my favourite part of scrappy / stash-using quilts. Love the name too :)

  22. I love this quilt. I especially love how the quilting blends all the strips and gives it a watercolor effect. Beautiful!

  23. That's a beautiful Jelly Roll Race - I love the colors and the paisley quilting! The quilt has a soft, painted effect that is very soothing and pretty Jasmine.


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