Thursday, March 31, 2016

Flower Pot Mini: A Finish

I decided to do some more testing with a double batting on a mini quilt made from a panel.  I bought the small panel for 25 cents at my local quilt shop a couple years ago, so it was perfect for a test quilt.  I used a layer of Hobbs 80/20 on the bottom and a layer of Hobbs Wool on top.  I quilted it with Floriani's polyester embroidery thread.  I love how the thread sparkles in the sunlight.

The first thing I did was outline the prints in the panel.

Then I quilted in the background with small spirals.

I used a scrap from the backing of Floating for the binding on this quilt.  While I do a lot of bindings by machine, I like to sew the binding down by hand when there is a high contrast with the backing fabric.

I love how it turned out and can see more simple panel quilts in my future.  I had so much fun playing with the free motion quilting.

I think I like the Kona Snow backing as much as the front.

The puffy batting almost acts like trapunto without all the extra work.

This mini quilt finishes about 11 by 20 inches.

What surprises me with the double batting is how much stiffer the quilt is.  It is perfect for a wall hanging, but I don't think I will do it on a cuddle quilt.



  1. A little beauty! I generally overlook panels like this but your project reminds me to reconsider them. I use double batting for that trapunto look but usually cut away the background, but on small ones I will try your method now. Your stitching pattern is beautiful and really makes it all pop. Great lesson and thanks for sharing.

  2. What a cutie!! Yep love the definition you get for a whole lot less work than trapunto:-)

  3. Do you think it is stiffer because of the density of the quilting? I love the look of the back and it's going to look great all hung up in your new house!

  4. Will the wool batting alone, not double batting, give you the texture you're looking for? I have one quilt with wool batting and it is luxuriously soft and the quilting shows up beautifully. But it's hand quilted in a diagonal grid so naturally it's not as dense/stiff as machine quilting. I do love the wool batting and I'll use it again for another very special quilt someday.

  5. The puff from the double batting looks great, Jasmine. What a fun mini quilt and finish!

  6. Very cute little wall hanging! I have used double batting for customers and the quilting looks amazing but I agree it is not as cuddly.

  7. What a cute panel. You quilting has totally transformed this little piece and I love both the front and the back.

  8. This mini is adorable! Thanks for sharing the info on the double batting, it's good to know. I really like your quilting and the way it shows on the back. Great job!

  9. Oh my goodness, Jasmine! I love it! Wow! Sure wish that panel was available. And your quilting is fantastic. I agree, that heavy quilting does indeed make the quilt quite stiff. Fantastic mini finish! And hey, we would love an update on the house!

  10. Beautiful, Jasmine! I have used a double bat on several quilts. Interesting that out said this mini turned out stiffer. I had not noticed it with the lap size quilts I used it in - maybe because they are bigger? They are definitely heavier but I wouldn't say they are stiff. I typically use cotton for the second bat but did use the 80/20 in the rose linen quilt. That quilt is not finished but has a good amount of quilting in it and doesn't seem to be stiff. . . yet ;)

    Beautiful finish! I need to find some panels!! :)

  11. What a sweet wall hanging, such pretty colours and I love the contrast of the binding too. It must have been difficult to control any slipping, did you use spray glue?

    1. I did use a basting spray and didn't have any problems with the layers shifting. Thanks!

  12. Adorable! And congratulations on the experimentation!

  13. This is so very pretty. I love love love it - the colors, the pattern and the puffiness is just lovely. You rock!!! Again!!!

  14. This mini is adorable! I love it!

  15. This is adorable Jasmine and such a great way to try out new things in quilting! I'm keeping my eyes open for panels to practice FMQ too.


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