Thursday, March 3, 2016

Progress on my WISP

I am happy to say that I have made more progress on my WISP (work in slow progress).  The picture above is what it looked like last October.  Five blocks were completely sewn, two blocks were swen into quarters, and there were pieces for four more blocks.

I brought the project with me to a two day conference I attended and got lots more done.

Here is seven blocks completely sewn, and the other five blocks are in quarters.

I am energized and want to get this top together soon!



  1. Love these blocks! How wonderful that you could stitch at the conference!

  2. It is looking wonderful, and I bet it was nice to have something to occupy your hands while you were at the conference.

  3. Looks really nice and I love that it was a work on the go too!

  4. This is so pretty. Congrats on the progress :)

  5. Love seeing your progress on this project. What size are your drunkard's path blocks? Did you cut them from a fat quarter collection? The fabrics are really fun.

    1. The drunkards path units are four inches finished, so the blocks are sixteen inches finished. I actually started with a layer cake called Chance of Flowers. There is a tutorial on the Moda Bake Shop.

      I just decided to make twelve blocks instead of 20.

  6. Oh it's coming along so pretty! What are the fabrics you're using again? Lovely to have a hand-sewing project you can whip out wherever, huh?

  7. Oh this is such a pretty WISP! I can't believe you are sewing it all by hand! Looks fabulous decorating your design wall. You chose the perfect fabrics for this one!

  8. That's one good way to pass a conference! Nice!

  9. It is so pretty, it makes me smile :-) I have been waiting for this one. Remember, when you first posted this in October, it inspired me to finish mine!!! And hand-piecing!!! You go girl!!!

  10. I love this, Jasmine! The colours are so spring-like and the design is fun. I bet it was nice to keep your hands occupied during the conference too.

  11. "WISP" - ooh I like that term Jasmine! You are doing a beautiful job hand piecing these lovely blocks!

  12. I think you live in perpetual motion, Jasmine. I don't know how you get so much done but you appear to manage your time quite wisely!


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