Monday, April 24, 2017

April Decor

April has been a crazy busy month without as much quilting for me.  However, I still wanted to share my spring/April quilty decorations.  My family room is decorated with yellow, purple, and pink accents.

I am really enjoying changing up the bunting/banner every month.

Panda didn't think I had enough Easter decorations, so he made some for me.  I love this little duck he made without any instructions.

The little bunny and eggs he made are so sweet.

Okay, back to the quilts.  ;)  I have a purple and yellow jellybean table runner on the entertainment center and Spring Sorbet on the shelf.

I have a purple and yellow table runner in my kitchen.

There are a couple more spring quilts by the stairs.

The upstairs landing didn't change very much.  Quilts with minky on the back, like Springtime Race, have a tendency to wander around the house.  ;)

I wanted to hang Dancing Daisies in the formal living room, but the pastel colors did not look good with the black furniture and drapes.  I think the black and red is there to stay.  It is still one of my favorite color combinations.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you are having a great month.



  1. I was just thinking of you this weekend(we went to check on our camper) and wondering what has been keeping you so busy that you are not blogging. I miss not seeing your posts and projects!!

  2. Beautiful as always! Hope you find more time to sew in the coming month.

  3. I hope all is well and just busy for you and your family. I really like the Lego duck! So clever. :)

  4. I always love seeing how your change your home as the new season arrives. The spring colors are perfect...and I continue to love your banner idea along the fireplace!

  5. Love the happy colors!! Looks lovely! (Especially the lego decor!!)

  6. The lego decorations are fabulous! It's always fun to see what they make when they're not just following the instructions :) Your spring quilts all look so lovely!

  7. How do you keep a neat and tidy house with three boys??? And then make it even lovelier with gorgeous quilty projects. You rock!!!


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