Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Teaching my Sister

I spent a lot of time over spring break teaching one of my sisters how to machine quilt on the Bernina Q24.  She had previously hand quilted a couple quilts and machine quilted some small quilts on her domestic sewing machine.

She brought over a couple 60 inch wide pieces of flannel and some batting.  We loaded them on the frames and she started quilting after doodling designs on paper.  She had so much fun and even added extra shapes like stars and flowers between her wiggles and loops.

I think quilting in rows is a great way to start with free motion quilting because you know where you are going and it is easier to fill the space evenly.

The flannel was a great first quilt.  Her second quilt on the frames is the Eagle Scout quilt made from the panel by Riley Blake.  She added some extra borders not included in the free pattern to make it a little longer.

She did an amazing job custom quilting the quilt.  She even learned to love using rulers to quilt on the longarm.  She used the rulers for circles, stitching in the ditch, wavy lines, and straight lines.

I am so impressed with her second machine quilted quilt!  You can really see the designs she used on the minky backing.

She used her Cricut to cut out the BSA fleur de lis.  She traced it onto the outer border with a blue water soluble marker.

The large eagle in the panel was my favorite part.

Quilting with my sister was so much fun and my kids enjoyed all the time with their cousins.

I wish all my students could catch on as quickly as my sister.  I am so proud of her.  Didn't she do an amazing job?



  1. Your sister is talented! She did a better job than the quilter I paid to have custom work done on my quilt!

  2. Yes, she did a great job! I love that you take time to quilt with your family, even if that means you have to teach them.

  3. Tell your sister she did an awesome job-I see more quilts and quilting in her future!

  4. Wow, your sister is definitely a natural! Beautiful work and how wonderful that you got to spend such quality time with her. :)

  5. That Boy Scout quilt is amazing! Talent runs in the family :)

  6. Brilliant. Well done to you both!

  7. Wow - I'm impressed with your sister's skills! She did a fabulous job - you must be quite the teacher! :-)

  8. Wow! I never would have guessed those were her first quilts!! What an amazing job. Must be the teacher, right? ;)

  9. Your sister is a quick learner but then it is no surprise because she has an excellent teacher in you.

  10. Wow! She sure DID do an amazing job! I'm amazed at how quickly she took to rulers too! You clearly are an excellent teacher (but I already knew that). Love the Minky backing too-the designs sure pop. And yes on the cousins, brings back the days when my sister and I would get together on Fridays and her boys and my girls played and played and played; they had the ABCD club (their first names' initials actually form that acronym! Good times. Priceless. :-)


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