Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October Decor

I had so much fun decorating this month with lots of quilts.  I didn't quite realize how much I had for the month of October until I scattered it around the house and took pictures. 

Here is an overall picture of my great room.

Mr. Bones, our glow in the dark skeleton, is by the stairs. 

Halloween Hex is on the sofa. 

The hexagon web is on the kitchen table. 

And the little Pun'kin Boy is in the hallway. 

Upstairs is Happy Haunting, an elephant blanket, and the wild quilting table runner. 

I had to steal the elephant blanket off of one of the boys' beds for this picture, but doesn't it look nice with Happy Haunting?  Needless to say, it got stolen right back by a different boy. 

I even rotated some mini quilts in my studio.  I hand pieced and hand quilted that little sunflower quilt over 22 years ago. 

I am also happy to say that my sweet husband helped me hang up some quilts and racks in the basement.  It is now decorated for fall. 

The Leafy Northern Wind is behind the sofa. 

Autumn Race is in the entertainment center with a reversible fall runner. 

Right now we can see Broomzelda. 

Right next to the entertainment center is a cute scarecrow quilt started by my sister-in-law and finished by me. 

I even have leafy table runners on the quilt cabinet and computer desk. 

My husband started teasing me and singing, "She uses quilts in all of her decorating..." Sung to the tune of "Gaston" from the animated Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  At least quilts are better than antlers! 

Just for fun, this is how empty the basement looked before. 

Yep, a crazy quilt lady lives here.  ;)



  1. Not a crazy lady at all; just a quilter with an eye for seasonal decor. :)

  2. You are ready for Halloween and fall??? I still need to put away my summer clothes. The Leafy Northern Wind is eye-candy... the only kind of candy I am getting for Halloween.

  3. Are you sure you don't want to add in an antler or two? :) Your home looks very cozy and welcoming with quilts all around. I just got my three fall quilts out this weekend, and the autumn placemats today. I still need to find a couple of runners I know I put away somewhere safe...

  4. I just started so not much for me to decorate with! But after seeing your beautiful house I have something to aspire too!!! That's funny about the elephant blanket making the rounds!!!

  5. OMG, thank you for reminding me to get my halloween decor out. I still have just fall. I like calling that crazy quilt lady my friend!! I think quilts in a home make it so homey and welcoming.

  6. Jasmine, your house looks beautiful. Where do you hide all of your clutter? hahaha
    I think all of your quilts are beautiful. This is perfect to use them around the house! I am sure your family loves it

  7. What a difference in your basement! The whole house looks beautiful.


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