Tuesday, November 7, 2017

November Decor

I enjoyed the Halloween decorations and quilts so much that it was hard to put them away.  At least I was able to pull out some November/late fall decorations. My November bunting is the only one I didn't sew, but I did make it at a craft night at church. 

I folded two Halloween quilts so that the orange minky showed and put them in my cabinet.  I like how they look with the table runner I made in September. 

An older mini quilt is on the kitchen table. 

A Thimbleberries quilt is by the stairs along with Spring Race folded to see the minky and quilting. 

It needs a little more color over there, so I have planned some more fall quilts. 

I hope I have time to get to them later this month.  However, I have Christmas things I need to make and these will probably have to wait for next year. 

My basement is still decorated for fall, but I have been itching to see what my new Christmas tree looks like...

My husband keeps expecting to come home from work and see some early Christmas decorations in the basement.  It hasn't happened... yet!


P.S.  I think he just wants me to put the tree up early so that he can put his trains up early


  1. Are you one of those people who like to put Christmas decorations up in November?! I am looking forward to seeing your leaf quilt. I only have one fall quilt so I need to make a few more for the living room. I also need some more winter quilts, but I'm too busy to work on that.

  2. Looking beautiful as always, Jasmine. I love the quilts you have planned, and I hope that getting Christmas presents done leaves you some time to start on one of these, maybe. :)

  3. It looks great Jasmine! That is a clever idea to fold your quilts so the backing show. They really do add some great fall color.

  4. You certainly have a knack for dressing up your home. It looks very warm and inviting.

  5. I always look forward to your monthly decorations. I'm been wanting to make a pumpkin quilt like the one you sketched. It would be fun!

  6. Your home is lovely and your decorative touches make it look so special. Using the back of quilts is smart - they get to do double duty!

  7. Yep I too look forward to see how you decorate for Christmas!! I have not even thought about Christmas yet, LOL Very clever indeed to showcase the backs of some of the quilts, nothing wrong with double duty! You do really need to make the leaf quilt, what size are you planning?

  8. LOVE the plans for the new quilts for your Autumn decor!!! Best of luck with finding time to work on them.

  9. Love your fall quilt patterns and your neat house makes me jealous. My accomplishment for a clean house is convincing Paul to vacuum :-)


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