Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2013 - Third Quarter in Review


Cheetah wanted another mini quilt and told me he wanted it to be purple.  So I made this star which finishes at 24 inches square.  It was inspired by the quilt Lucky made by Camille Roskelley

I finished this jelly roll race quilt and call it Blushing Zebra.  It was inspired by a black and white quilt with green squares I saw once.  (I had it bookmarked, but my ipad had to be repaired and I lost all my bookmarks--sorry.)

I then quilted this Ray of Sunshine quilt for a friend whose sister-in-law is going through treatments for leukemia.  Her family wrote messages on the central white squares.  It is backed in a fun yellow minky. 


I finally finished using the scraps from my Colorwash Trip.  I call this Colorwash Scraps.  (I am so original--not).  I hang it on this rod in my kitchen. 

My husband asked, "Are you sure you want a quilt in the kitchen?" I told him if it got dirty, it would be easier to wash than his grandmother's painting.  (It now hangs in the hallway, instead of the kitchen--a safer location.)

I finished this Hungry Animal Alphabet Slideshow for my Monkey.  It will be for his big boy bed... someday. 

With the scraps from both Slideshow quilts, I made this Rainbow Scraps quilt.

 I love doll quilts for my own American Girl Dolls.  I got them both this year so I could sew little girl things.  My niece thinks I am such a cool aunt, and we talk American Girl accessories together. 

I also helped three of my nieces make tote bags.  Cheetah wanted to sew like his cousins, so I helped him make his own first quilt.  He calls it Fuzzy Cheetah. 

In August I also cleaned my craftroom and gave away fabric and old projects to people who would enjoy them and finish some of them for charity.  I had realized that I didn't have to finish everything just because I had inherited it.  That is also why I now like working on one or two projects at a time.  I don't want to leave a bunch of UFO's for someone else to finish. 


I finished these two quilts for my younger boys, Panda and Monkey.  (Cheetah already had one.)  I did the piecing and quilting in August and just finished the binding in September. 

Here is Panda's Collection:

And here is Monkey's Collection:

Now, each of my boys have a baby quilt, mini quilt (or two), and two twin size quilts I have made for them.  Cheetah likes to keep track! 

Do your children keep track of who gets what and how many? 


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  1. It looks like you get a lot of projects completed! A real accomplishment for a busy mom - great job!


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