Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thimbleberries Cover Story Quilts

In 1996 and 1997, Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries came out with a cute limited edition series of Cover Story Quilts.  This is what she wrote on each pattern:
Cover Story Quilts... features charming illustrations from the covers of my collection of women's magazines from the nineteen twenties and thirties.  The simplicity and innocence of the artwork blends so nicely with patchwork and quilting, and we have designed each Cover Story with its own unique pieced border to compliment the art. 

My mom and JoAnn each collected nine of these adorable panels and patterns.  They were among the quilty items I inherited from JoAnn.  My mom had finished one of hers (The Halloween one shown above hanging in her house).  JoAnn had only pieced one of her quilt tops (the Valentine one). 

I worked out a system with my mom where she purchased the fabric and I finished both her quilt and mine.  I worked on these quilts over three years 2005-2007.  I love having them all finished and hang them behind my front door on a rack my husband made especially for them.  They all finish at 32 x 34 inches, so they rotate through very nicely. 

I will be showing them according to season, not according to when I finished them.  ;)

Snow Birds
Little Sweetheart
Kite Flying
Set Sail
School Days
Pun'kin Boy
Sweet Dreams
St. Nick
Snow Kids
Most of these quilts use Thimbleberries fabrics, and some even use the same fabric shown in the patterns.  They all have Warm and Natural cotton batting and light cream or muslin fabric on the back.  They have all been quilted simply, mostly quilting in the ditch, to let the panels and piecing shine. 
Because I wanted a quilt for every month, I designed four of my own.  Click here to see them.  
The Valentine quilt is my favorite.  Which is yours?

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