Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mildred's Navy Pinwheels

My husband is a project man.  When something needs to be done... you just do it.  So he struggled at first with the pile (or should I say bins) of quilts in progress.  He liked it when I was finally finishing more and more things after Cheetah was born.  He commented that he didn't mind if I started a new project, as long as the trend of finishing things kept going. So I tested him on it.  :-)  Turns out, he didn't mind. 

My mom had several yards of a pretty floral that I always liked. She gave them to me with the coordinating purple which I used for the back. We went looking for more fabrics and I made this Stack-n-whack pinwheel.

The blocks from this quilt are in the book Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts by Bethany Reynolds.  The only thing I changed was adding the sashing.  I had seen one done up with the sashing at a local quilt shop and I liked the idea.  It went together really quickly because the blocks are so large.  I used the extra blocks on the back of the quilt. 

I like the back even more than the front.  The navy quilting looks so pretty on the purple fabric. 

If you look closely, you can see that I quilted a loopy line on the pinwheels and a stipple around the pinwheels.  It was fun to use both styles in the same quilt.  I quilted this on my little Pfaff 7550 while it was sitting in the cabinet.  Once again, I realized that if I only focus on one block at a time I can quilt large quilts. 

And once again I used up the leftover stacks to make another project.  This time a table runner.  It is my first table runner ever.  I discovered that they are so much fun to quilt! 

I used even more scraps on the back of the runner. 

I started this quilt before I moved in with my Grandmother Mildred and finished it shortly thereafter,  before her 90th birthday.  So I gave it to her along with the table runner.  My grandmother loved purple and had a blue room.  I was her full-time caregiver, and this quilt will always remind me of her. She loved having it on her bed and loved teasing me by pretending to forget and asking me who made it with a twinkle in her eye.

Quilt Stats  #15
Name: Mildred's Navy Pinwheels
Pattern: altered from the book Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts
Size:  about 90 x 102 inches
Batting:  Hobbs 80/20
Date Finished: 2003
What I learned:
  • Pieced backings are awesome.
  • Quilts made in love for others are remembered in love.
  • When eight points meet, you can press the last seam open for a flatter center.  (Most of the time I press to the side.)


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  1. I agree with you 100%....the backings are as nice as the front! A lot of times when Im done quilting I lay it on the floor and show off the back first!!!! LOL Saying: Look at my quilting hon! LOL


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