Friday, November 8, 2013

Quilt Kisses

My mom and I recently went to a quilt show in our area.  Although there were many georgeous quilts, only one really inspired me.  It was a pinwheel sampler in pinks and browns (like this one).  As I thought about why this quilt really appealed to me, I realized it was because of the simplicity. 

I have always admired the intracately pieced quilts, but they are not me.  This made me ponder my own quilting style.  I didn't think I really had a style of my own.  Yet I realized that I do.  My style is keeping it sweet, simple and extra special.  Simple quilts are me.  I love them, am inspired by them, and want to make more of them. 

This helped me come up with my blog name: Quilt Kisses.  I feel that my quilts are made with love while keeping it sweet, simple & extra special.  I like to think of quilts as wrapping the recipients up in love.  My favorite people to make quilts for are my husband and three sons: Cheetah, Panda, and Monkey.  (Yes, my house does seem like a zoo!)

Right after I finished the Simply Woven quilt for Cheetah, he had to stay wrapped up in it for days. 

Panda decided that he needed to be all wrapped up too.  So he pulled his quilt off of his freshly made bed. 
Monkey (who thinks he is just as big as his older brothers) had to join in the fun. 
It gives me warm fuzzies to see my boys enjoying the quilts I made just for them. 
What is your style and who do you like making quilts for?


  1. I also like warm, comfy quilts, easy to piece yet their beauty is in the simplicity of the pattern. Your boys are adorable. Looking forward to your future posts.

  2. I live for warm, snuggly quilts. I've been making them for my family, mostly (there are five kids to make quilts for!), but now I'm branching out. Just finished a quilt top for my mom, and I've got two Christmas quilts to get done this month and ship off to friends and family. They are just the kind of gift that the receiver can use and remember you by.

    By the way, your boys are adorable! I bet they are loads of fun and energy!


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