Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Remembering the Years 1996-1998


In 1996 I made this tied sunflower blanket. This blanket has been well loved and much abused. It makes a great picnic blanket, fort, and shade screen.  

It usually lives on our porch swing.

I also took another sewing class at school. I made things like a pillow case, a baby outfit, and this prom dress.


In 1997 I made this dinosaur grow chart. It is machine quilted with a stitch made to look like hand quilting. It uses clear thread in the needle and colored thread in the bobbin.

I would NOT use that stitch again.  I do not like the way it looks. 

I also finished the double Irish chain quilt top and began the LONG process of hand quilting it.

During spring break, I took another quilting class from the national teacher Sharyn Craig. It was her Northern Wind class taught through our local quilt guild.  I ended up making two quilts using her techniques and pattern. 

In the fall I made this Halloween costume because I wanted to be a modest Princess Jasmine. Check out that wig!

I have a funny story about this costume.  I was in a choir class in school and we had to sing in small ensembles as part of our grade.  My group was singing "A Whole New World" from the Disney movie Aladdin.  Somehow we were scheduled to perform it for the class on Halloween, and I was wearing my costume.  It only took about a minute for the whole class of 115 students to realize that Jasmine was dressed up as Princess Jasmine and singing "A Whole New World."  Needless to say, I turned almost as red as my costume!  It was a CRAZY coincidence. 


In 1998 I added sleeves to this prom dress to make it more modest.  I only have a picture of the back, but at least it shows the short sleeves. 

I also finished this Crazy Scrappy Star. It is a northern wind variation from the class I took from Sharyn Craig in 1997.  It was machine quilted by my sister-in-law JoAnn on her long arm machine because I didn't want yet another quilt to quilt by hand and I didn't have the skills necessary to finish it.

I was also given these blocks that my Grandma Mildred hand painted. I sewed them together and hand quilted it.  This is a picture of us together. 

1998 is also the year my mom and dad gave me my own sewing machine. :)  It was my mom's gently used Pfaff 7550. She upgraded to the Pfaff 7570. (Which she recently gave to me, and in turn I gave my sister the 7550.) They are basically the same machine, but the 7570 can embroider.


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