Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Small Finish

I was able to finish these three cute baby blankets to give as Christmas gifts.  (I would rather call them Christmas gifts than new baby gifts a few months late~lol.)  I used this tutorial I wrote.  I can finish one blanket in two hours. 

It is a really good thing I got them finished, because this is what I added to my stash on Black Friday. 

It is more than 40 yards of baby flannel.  I love JoAnns on Black Friday.  It was all 75% off, mostly $1.75 a yard.  It will be enough to make over 25 baby blankets. 
I need to get busy on this after the new year...  I can name at least 8 women who are expecting, and one of them will be having twins.  :)  Have I mentioned that there are a lot of babies born in Utah? 
Now all I have to do is go grocery shopping. Everything else for Christmas is DONE!!! 
P.S.  I will be linking up with Whoop Whoop Fridays at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Finish it up Fridays at Crazy Mom Quilts.  


  1. Beautiful blankets! I must do some like that, so handy to have when needing a quick gift. Have a lovely Christmas!

    1. Cute blankets! I love soft soft flannel for babies, it washes so nicely, and those 9 babies will create a ton of laundry!


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