Saturday, December 7, 2013


When I was at one of my local quilt shops, I saw a flier asking for red, white and blue quilts for a new veteran's hospital in Utah.  They were asking for quilts about 63 x 90 inches.  I had made a quilt with large half square triangles earlier, and I thought I could make one for the hospital if I kept it simple.  I had this fabric in my stash, and thought this would be a good use for it. 

Surprisingly, I finished this quilt in four days.  One day to piece the top.  One day to piece the back.  One day to machine quilt it.  And one day to bind it.  I am very pleased with how it turned out. 

It seems a little long and skinny to me, but I tried to keep it near the size requested.  It finishes at about 62 x 93 inches.  The half square triangles finish at 15.5 inches. 
I pieced the back with leftovers from the front
The light horizontal stripes are the Pledge of Allegiance.  (I thought it was particularly appropriate.)
I quilted it in a loopy line with three different colors of thread:  red, beige, and navy blue. 
I also added a label to the back.  I donated the quilt in honor of the family grandfathers.  My father as well as both my husband's grandfathers are veterans. 
The binding is made up of four different navy blue star prints.  I love how it turned out. 
This was a very meaningful quilt for me. I sewed all of my appreciation for our servicemen into this quilt. I hope they can feel it.
Quilt Stats #66
Name: Americana
Donated to: a new veteran's hospital in Utah
Pattern:  large half square triangles in a diamond pattern
Size: about 62 x 93 inches
Batting: Hobbs 80/20
Date finished: 2013
What I learned:
  • I need to double check my math when piecing a backing.  I had to add red strips to the top and bottom, because I didn't make it large enough.  8x3=24 not 32.  Luckily it was a mistake easily fixed.   ;)
  • I love large half square triangles.  They sew together quickly and make a big statement. 

P.S.  Please tell me I am not the only one who makes simple mathematical errors when quilting.  (Math was always my favorite subject in school, too). 


  1. Ha ha, I do that all the time! I should know by now that I need to check my meaurements before I make a cut! LOL!!!
    Yoir quilt is lovely and will be appreciated!

  2. Yes, I'm always off! Great quilt and story :)

  3. I love your beautiful heart! Bless you!

  4. I love this quilt. It is gorgeous in it's simplicity.

  5. Great quilt and thanks for supporting our heros.

  6. Oh I love that Pledge fabric!! So unique. Thanks so much for sharing this at our Tuesday Archives Veteran's Day "special". :)V


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