Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Simple Baby Quilt

April Showers Bring May Flowers...

I made this simple baby/lap quilt in less than 24 hours over a two day period.   One evening I sewed it together and basted it.  The next morning I quilted it and bound it by machine.  I finished it yesterday, but the weather has been wet and dreary so I had to take indoor pictures. 

I have decided to call it, "April Showers Bring May Flowers" which is a long quilt name for me.  The quilt reminded me of the sweet things that come from rain, like rainbows and flowers. As I have decided to donate it to Happy Chemo as part of the Hands2Help Challenge, I thought the name was appropriate.  I hope that it can bring comfort to someone going through a rough time. 

In case anyone is wondering about my dimensions... I cut out each of the five vertical strips at 8.5 inches and sewed them together.  Then I trimmed off the salvages and cut 6.5 inches off of the bottom.  The horizontal strip was cut out at 9.5 inches, because I started with a generous quarter yard.  I added that strip in the middle and my quilt top was done! 

Well, that is how I would have done it if all my strips were the full width of the fabric...  My pink was six inches too short, so I took a piece off of a fat quarter for the bottom section.  It was a good use of the fabric I had.  I don't think it is super noticeable, but it adds an unexpected fun element.  ;)

I quilted it in a cream thread with 35 big flowers connected by a loopy line.  The quilting took less than an hour for this 40 x 50 inch quilt.  Princess, my new sit down quilting machine, is FAST! 

I used 1.5 yards of a soft yellow for the backing, and bound it with a slightly darker yellow. 

I added my favorite corner label when binding it. 

Quilt Stats #101
Name:  April Showers Bring May Flowers
Pattern:  Simple quarter yard strips
Inspired by:  Quilts I have seen where the horizontal strip was appliqued with a name
Quilting design: Loopy line with flowers
Fabric:  pastels from my stash.
Amount Used:  3.5 yards
Batting: Warm and White
Size: About 40 x 50 inches
Date finished: March 2014
What I learned:
  • Quilting from the upper right corner to the lower left corner worked really well with my Tiara. 
As I mentioned, this quilt is for the Hands2Help challenge.  The sign-ups started just last week, so there is still plenty of time to join.  Click on the button below for more information.  I know I finished this super early, but there is no time like the present to get something done, right? 

Confessions Of A Fabric Addict


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  1. Cute layout and I love how you quilted it!

  2. Love those flowers and wow girl that was fast quilting at a sit down machine, I am impressed! And going to a good cause :-)

  3. Great FMQ'ing. And so quick and easy, yet so beautiful! I am looking at getting a sit down quilt machine. Could I ask the name/brand and price of yours? I saw the other blog post about it and it sounds like what I am looking for. And where'd you buy it from? Thanks!

  4. That was fast. You and Princess are becoming quite a team. I love the daisies. It's good to know that someone will find warmth and comfort under that quilt.

  5. I love how simply this is and the quilting is perfect!

  6. Great quilt from a simple design. I have been planning one similar but I couldn't think outside of horizontal rows, duh, lol. Love the vertical, and your quilting is amazing again! I absolutely love flower quilting, someday I will learn :)

  7. love the simple design, and the quilting is really lovely, Jasmine!

    Thanks so much for showing this off at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  8. Love the quilt and the quilting is awesome!! It is amazing how quickly you can do a quilt once you get in the zone :)

  9. Cute and simple! I love the different pink at the end. It is a fun little addition. Looks like your new machine really agrees with you! The quilting looks great.

  10. I love this very simple quilt. It will be loved.

  11. It's a great baby quilt, Jasmine - simple is always great! Which charity is it for?

  12. love this one! Less than hour for such a pretty quilting design, wow, now that's quilting! Great job.


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