Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Lovely Twist

A Twister Quilt Made without the Special Ruler~

I finished my twister quilt yesterday, and I absolutely love how it turned out.  I was able to figure out a way to cut and piece this quilt without the special ruler, AND with minimal waste.  To see how I cut it out, check out this post.  To see how I pieced the blocks together, check out this post

This quilt is part of my March goal (link #17) for A Lovely Year of Finishes, which was to make something with my pink fabrics.  It is nice to have it done early in the month.  :D 

This is the first pieced quilt that I quilted with my sit down quilting machine, Princess.  I was amazed at how easy it was to quilt.  I actually quilted the entire thing without rotating the quilt at all.  And (this sounds really crazy to me) it was easier to quilt the center of the quilt than the edges.  I am holding the quilt differently and keeping two fingers on my stitch regulator as I go.  So it is easier to grip the quilt in the middle.  I really did gain more than the 16 inches of the machine arm.  My quilt spread out to the right more than two feet! 

In the picture above, you can see that I added tables to the right and left of my chair as well as to the right and left of the machine.  (When I quilted with my Janome 6500, I only had to add a table to the left.)  This held the quilt quite nicely while I was moving it around, and I didn't fight gravity or have much drag.  You can also see my new Koala sewing chair.  A good chair helps sooo much.  :) 

I quilted A Lovely Twist in a pointy spiral, which is now my favorite design to quilt. 

I pieced the back with more of my pink fabric, and added my favorite corner label. 

Here is a close-up of the backing.  The colors are more accurate in my close-up. 

I bound the quilt in the same fabric as my border print, and I love how it nicely frames the whole thing.  (Ignore the dead grass, please.)

Here is a picture of the entire quilt. 

Quilt Stats #98
Name:  A Lovely Twist
Pattern:  Twister Quilt made without the ruler
Quilting design:  Pointy spirals
Fabrics:  Pinks from my stash
Amount Used:  11.25 yards
Batting:  Hobbs 80/20
Size:  About 70 x 88 inches
Date Finished:  March 2014
What I learned: 
  • I love twister quilts, in fact my whole family does.
  • I love my method for twister quilts.
  • I love having my own sit down quilting machine.
  • I loved using Best Press spray starch.
That's a lot to love about one quilt!  But I also love how the pink looks with my brown sofas in the living room. 

Last night after Monkey was in bed, Panda gave this quilt the "Stomp of Approval."  Well, it was more like the break dance of approval, including pretend snow angels.  By the time I came back with the camera, he was done and wouldn't do it again.  :(  So how about another outdoor picture instead?


P.S.  I will be linking this up with a lot of fun parties this week.  Including:  Fabric Tuesday, Let's Bee Social, Needle and Thread Thursday, and Can I Get a Whoop Whoop

P.P.S.  In case you missed it, my post about the finished whole cloth quilts is here.  :) 


  1. Love, love your quilt. Beautiful quilting pattern, too! I'm going to check out Koala chairs. Mine's just an old office chair, I could use an upgrade :)

  2. What a great quilt! Love the purples, too :)

  3. Wow, Jasmine, this turned out AWESOME!! You should definitely pat yourself on the back for this one!! You are making it REALLY hard to not go look a sit down quilting machine! :)

  4. Love your swirly quilting! You did a great job!!!!!

  5. Great twister! Some of my friends are sewing twisters with Marti Michell's templates. I think your way looks better. ;). shhh...

  6. Oh, fabulous twister quilt, Jasmine! You're right, there's so much to love about your quilt. I especially love the colours and your swirly quilting. Wow.

  7. That is a truly beautiful quilt!!!

  8. Beautiful job Jasmine. You and the Princess sure are getting along well. That's fabulous!

  9. A truly gorgeous finish, Jasmine! I am so proud of your new method of making a twister quilt without the ruler. Really - that was very clever! Looks like you and Princess are new BFF's!!! You do beautiful work together!

  10. It is fabulous!! You make a great team-you and princess!! And hey at least you can see your grass!! We still have tons of snow on the ground, but I got really excited Tuesday as I could see about a foot of dead grass along the drive way that wasn't buried under 20 inches of snow!!

  11. It's stunning, Jasmine - love it all and such pretty colours (all that pink ... mmmm!) Very clever the way you made it :)

  12. Great job! I have a twister ruler before there were twister rulers - it's more of the chunky offset template that you taped to the ruler. Maybe I should bust it out! Well, if only my design wall didn't have a small kitten knocking blocks off it. Might be harder to keep things straight. ;)

  13. This turned out just amazing Jasmine!

  14. You should be pleased, it's a gorgeous quilt, made better by your choice in quilting. You've been keeping Princess, very busy.

  15. Gorgeous quilting!! I love that you made this without the ruler. Twisters look so cool, but the ruler wastes so much fabric. Glad to hear that you're enjoying Princess!

    Thanks for linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  16. Jasmine this is an awesome finish!!! I may also steal your idea of including Quilt Stats with every finish....good idea!!!

  17. Beautiful finish!!! Love, love, love the colors :)

  18. This is so pretty! I loved reading about your machine/table setup ;o) I'd love to look into a machine like you have.

  19. Speedy! Watch out! Great finish. Thanks for linking up.

  20. Gorgeous quilt! Fabulous color choices.


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