Friday, October 2, 2015

Quarterly Stash Report

Monkey loves his "special mommy quilt" and has started dragging it around the house this quarter.

 Can you believe it is already October?  I had fun getting out my Halloween quilts yesterday and realized that it is time for my quarterly stash report.  I will start with a review of the first two quarters.

January: 31 yards used, 76 yards added
February: 46.5 yards used, 12.5 yards added
March: 28 yards used, 13 yards added

Quarter 1: 105.5 yards used, 101.5 yards added, 4 yards less

April: 6 yards used, 8 yards added
May: 24.25 yards used, 28.25 yards added
June: 15.5 yards used, 7 yards added,  100 yards donated (to quilt guild)*

Quarter 2: 45.75 yards used, 43.25 yards added, 100 yards donated, 102.5 yards less

July:  12 yards used, 8.5 yards added
August:  40.5 yards used, 5.5 yards added, 4 yards gifted (to niece)*
September:  55 yards used, 7.25 yards added

Quarter 3:  107.5 yards used, 21.25 yards added, 92.5 yards less

Year to date:  258.75 yards used, 166 yards added, 104 yards gifted,*  196.75 yards less

*I decided that if I counted fabric given to me in my stash report that I should count fabric I gave away/donated to others in my stash report.  ;)
Stash Busting for Cheetah.

It is crazy to think that I used more than 100 yards in the last quarter.  70 yards were for Cheetah's project, 20 crib quilt tops and backs.  The rest of the finishes included a nephew quilt, a family reunion quilt, a scrap quilt, two baby quilts, 1 organizer bag, and 10 gift bags.  

"Spring Sorbet" a scrappy finish in August 2015.

It is interesting to note that of the 21.25 yards added during the third quarter, 15 yards were for specific projects and used during the quarter.  The other 6.25 yards were won in two different giveaways.  I am having fun thinking of things to make with the bundles.  

I hope everyone has a great fourth quarter.  I have plans for even more stash busting.  I am only 41.25 yards away from using the same amount of fabric as last year (300 yards).  Maybe I can even exceed that amount...



  1. Great progress on working down your stash. Keep it up!

  2. Such an adorable photo of your little Monkey. :) :) :)
    That is amazing to think about Jasmine! I can't fathom how you manage to make so many quilts and still have time for visiting other bloggers, like me! Thank you for being such a good friend to so many of us!

  3. Wow, Jasmine, you are so productive and it is amazing to see that calculated out into yardage!!

  4. That is simply amazing! Over 100 yards. I would not have thought to keep track of yardage but that is brilliant. I am sure I use a lot more than I think. I love all the quilts made with squares. I am really a square kinda girl. Love them. thanks for the update. awesome!

  5. Awesome, Jasmine! I am sure Cheetah is thrilled too. And everything is gorgeous, of course. Is it time to buy new, yet?

  6. Your totals always amaze me! Monkey is just too darn cute wrapped up in that quilt, he has very good taste ;)

  7. Wow that's a lot of fabric! Funny how the piles never seem to look smaller and I always need to buy more to complete a scrap quilt.... But oh the joy of playing with small pieces of favourite fabrics which are no longer in production. I admire you for taking stock though, it is something we would all do now and again and not just with fabric!
    Greetings from the YK,

  8. I know that your middle name is Prolific. Cheetah, Panda and Monkey = Cuteness Overload!!! Your models are the best.
    You continually inspire me :-)

  9. No matter how much you tell me otherwise, I still don't think you sleep. Impressive results!


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