Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Binding Fairy

Last year I quilted my niece C's first quilt.  My mother helped her with the binding and taught her to do the handwork.  I told her that if she ever needed me that I would be happy to be her Binding Fairy.  She got most of it done, but then got really busy.  So she decided to take me up on my offer.

I finished the binding for her and then added some stitches where hers were a little too far apart.

It is now waiting for her to come pick it up.  I think she's excited to be able to use her quilt now.

I recently got a picture of my niece R's finished quilt.  I also quilted it for her last year.  She had a Binding Fairy too.  However, her binding fairy was her mother, my sister.  I love that she decorated her room to match her quilt.

I have one more niece who needs to finish the binding on her quilt.  Three other nieces are still working on their quilts with my mother.  Cheetah has picked out fabrics for his second quilt to be made in the same pattern with Grandma.  He chose cheetah prints.  Surprised?  I thought not.

Have you ever had a Binding Fairy help you?


P.S.  Hi, R.  I love your quilt in your room!  (R is really the only one in my family who reads my blog regularly that I know of.)


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    1. That's a beautiful and girly quilt, we don't see girly stuff that often on your blog ... :-)
      No Binding Fairy for me ... I like to do it and ... I wouldn't mind at all helping someone with it though.

  2. Ha Ha! No binding fairy for me. Mine is called the sewing machine! I don't have the patience to hand sew.

  3. Nope, I have never had a binding fairy. But that's OK because I actually love that step (maybe because I have always done it!). I am always so happy to hear and see so many others in your family picking up quilting.

  4. Haha, I usually machine bind, but when I need it, my neighbor is my binding fairy. Love the colors your nieces chose - esoecially the happy sherbet colors! And LOL to Cheetah.

  5. I hate binding and would love a binding fairy! I dream of lots of little yellow minions who would baste for me too! Having the quilt finished and ready to snuggle into makes it a worthwhile step in the end!

  6. You could come be my binding fairy too!! But I don't really mind binding, since I do it all by machine it goes quickly. Speaking of that I have 3 things ready for binding, I better get busy! R's room look's wonderful!!

  7. Hand sewing the binding is one of my favorite steps to making a quilt. How nice of you to help out!

  8. Oh, nice! What a wonderful gift it is to be someone's binding fairy. :-)

  9. No! No binding fairy here but moi...although I look at Judy (Quilt Paradigm) and Sharon Schamber (the video she sent me) as my binding angels because I now glue the binding down prior to hand-sewing (or machine stitching on occasion). I was a reverse-sewing angel yesterday for a gal who made her wheelchair quilt much too long, thanks to a miscommunication between her and I, so I unpicked the seams for her. :-)

  10. Until now I didn't know they existed but I need a binding fairy. There's nothing as nice as seeing a quilt being used and loved.

  11. Oh my, Jasmine, I have really gotten behind. Love your "title" and thoughtfulness. I was a binding fairy one time. A lady asked me to quilt three king size quilts, one for each daughter plus a fourth lap quilt for another daughter. Then I found out she was dying of leukemia; I finished the quilting in time to show her when they took her to hospice but then did the final binding for her. It was quite emotional. Thank you for your love for family, Binding Fairy!


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