Thursday, December 31, 2015

Remembering 2015 while Planning 2016

2015 has been a great year, and I feel that I have definitely met my main goal for the year which was to "Enjoy."  I have enjoyed creating many things this year, as my stash report shows.  

Quarter 1: 105.5 yards used, 101.5 yards added, 0 yards donated, 4 yards less
Quarter 2: 45.75 yards used, 43.25 yards added, 100 yards donated, 102.5 yards less
Quarter 3: 107.5 yards used, 21.25 yards added, 4 yards donated, 90.25 yards less
Quarter 4:  40.5 yards used, 22.5 yards added, 10 yards donated, 28 yards less

Year to date: 299.25 yards used, 188.5 yards added, 114 yards donated, 224.75 yards less

Everything I created helped me meet all fifteen of my little goals for the year.  
  1. Using my stash ~ About 160 yards of old stash were used.
  2. Using my scraps ~ 4 projects made using my scraps.
  3. Using new fabrics ~ About 140 yards of new (to me) fabric were used.
  4. Building my stash ~ About 45 yards of fabric purchased are now part of my stash.
  5. Finishing quilts ~ I finished 28 quilts and pieced 20 tops for Cheetah's project.
  6. Finishing quilty projects ~ I made 44 drawstring bags, and 9 other bags/baskets.
  7. Making quilts as gifts ~ I gave 6 quilts as gifts.
  8. Making quilts to donate ~ I donated 12 quilts this year.
  9. Making quilts for my home ~ 6 quilts were made for my home.
  10. Sewing my WISP by hand ~ I made lots of progress, but there is still more to do.
  11. Improving my FMQ ~ Wow!  I loved trying new things, taking classes, and teaching classes.
  12. Blogging (when I have something to blog about) ~ This is post #111 for me this year.
  13. Participating in online events ~ It has been so much fun!  
  14. Preserving memories ~ I started making a quilt photo album which I love.  
  15. Last, but definitely not least... Being a wife and mother ~ The most rewarding goal of all.  I love my family!
It really has been an enjoyable year!  Here are my top 5 favorite projects for the year (in no particular order) for the Best of 2015.

Not only is "Floating" one of my most favorite quilts, it is also the most viewed with nearly 9,000 pageviews and 3,500 pins on Pinterest.  

"Quilty Kisses" is still one of my favorites, because it is so me. I love the ombre effect, the simple piecing, and the fun quilting.  

"Modern Farmer's Wife" was a huge accomplishment for me, and I love it.  Here is the introductory post with links to all of my ideas and cutting instructions for modernizing the original Farmer's Wife Quilt.  

And I seriously love my "Into the Vortex" quilt.  It is so cuddly and filled with quilty memories.  

But the project with the most memories is Cheetah's Eagle Scout Project.  I donated 20 pieced quilt tops and matching backs for his project.  

He showed great leadership in getting them all finished.  

Over the Christmas Break he finished up the paperwork and got them turned in to our local chapter of Project Linus.  Now he just has one merit badge to finish up and some more time to serve in the scout troop.  

2016 will also be an exciting year.  My big goal for the year is practically the same as for 2015.  I want to "Enjoy the Journey."  I can see many journeys I will be taking, but here are just six specifics for 2016.

  1. Creating and quilting.  
  2. Teaching quilt classes.
  3. Building a new house.
  4. Moving to a new house.
  5. Making it a home.
  6. Being a mother and wife.  
I wish all of you a Happy New Year with my best wishes for your journeys in 2016.  


P.S.  I will be linking up to some fun parties including Best of 2015, Planning 2016, and Our 2016 Goals.  


  1. I love Modern Farmer's Wife! So beautiful and I love the colors! :)

  2. Still love that display of your quilts! Great accomplishments this year. Wishing you the same for the next one.

  3. I agree, that display of your quilts is so cool! So excited to follow along with your journey in 2016. So excited to see teaching on your list for 2016!!

  4. I love all of your quilts! Congratulations on helping your son with his Eagle project, and congratulations to him for the accomplishment, too! I know from personal experience what a big deal that is for a boy AND for his parents!

  5. Great finishes! (I think that if I kept track of my fabric in and out it would be a bit scary). Your quilting is stunning, thanks for linking up!

  6. You've been a busy bee! I love your top 5 list. Here's to a wonderful 2016 as well.

  7. Wow, keeping track of the yardage is an amazing way to see how active you are as a quilter, Jasmine! I hope you and your family have a joyous 2016 as you settle into your new home together.

  8. LOVE Cheetah's Eagle project photo!!! Nice work on the photo, but especially on the project itself.

  9. Thank you so much for being an inspiration to me, Jasmine. Wish you and your family a very happy and a prosperous new year.

  10. I so enjoy your blog and all the sewing you do. It is amazing how many yards you have sewn. Best of luck in the new year and the building of your house and can't wait to see wht you create in 2016.

  11. You have some pretty interesting journeys coming up! No doubt you'll have a wonderful time because your attitude is right on target. I'm pretty amazed that you and your son got so many Project Linus projects completed--most of us do just one or two! Have a wonderful year and enjoy the new home. Happy 2016!

  12. You created a whole lot of wonderful quilts this year Jasmine! I think I met you when you posted about your modern Farmer's Wife. And Every day I see Floating it still a huge hit on Pinterest! Hurrah for Cheetah too - it's amazing what he did! I can also see why you love the Vortex quilt so much - love those colors!
    Happy New Year!

  13. Happy New Year Jasmine.
    I am so glad you read your blog, You are so inspiring.

  14. Enjoying the journey will bring you many wonderful memories made. I will continue to enjoy watching you grow as a young mother and talented quilter. :) Happy happy new year!!

  15. Impressive statistics...I am curious how you calculate yardage used! I think I'd be scared to start calculating...might be indicative of an addiction! Floating is gorgeous...especially all your fabulous quilted texture.

    1. I just calculate fabric used in a project once it is finished. On scrap quilts I estimate how much yardage the scraps equaled. Then I keep a running monthly total in a quilting binder/planner.

  16. I have purchased the pattern and inserts for the Beetle bag as I loved yours so much. But can you tell me where you purchased the ring for the front? I can't find one anywhere!!

    1. I searched everywhere looking for an inexpensive ring. I ended up just buying one at my local quilt shop.

  17. What an awesome year! I've especially enjoyed seeing your use of bright colors and your excellent free motion quilting! 2016 looks like it will be an exciting one with a new home on the horizon. Congratulations!

  18. Those yardage numbers are pretty impressive! I'm so impressed with how many quilts you were able to make in one year. I hope you new house and move go smoothly!!

  19. Love reading your stash reports :) I hope 2016 is a great year as well!

  20. You are so talented! Happy New Year, sweet friend!

  21. Best of luck with the new house - hope you enjoy the process there too. Fantastic stats on the yardage!

  22. Love seeing these again. I was just thinking of your Quilt Kisses Valentine quilt yesterday!!! Thinking I should do a Valentine quilt this year..


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