Tuesday, December 27, 2022

From 2022 to 2023

Not only have I enjoyed reflecting on the past year, but I have also enjoyed looking back on the past decade.  I started blogging in November 2013, so I am coming up on 10 years of blogging.  Looking even farther back, my first quilt was finished nearly 30 years ago in 1993.  In those 30 years I have made over 300 personal quilts.  Over 250 of those have been in the last decade.  

Decade in Review

Here is the breakdown of personal quilt finishes including themes for the year:

2012—4 quilts finished—“Starting Again”
2013—25 quilts finished—“UFO Busting”
2014—44 quilts finished—“Stash Busting”
2015—48 quilts finished—“Enjoy”
2016—25 quilts finished—“Enjoy the Journey”
2017—24 quilts finished—“Choose Joy”
2018—10 quilts finished—“Simplify”
2019—9 quilts finished—“Rocking my Daughters”
2020—14 quilts finished—“Survival Mode”
2021—13 quilts finished—“Family First”
2022—38 quilts finished—“Helping Others”

Some of the themes were chosen when I was setting goals for the year and others were discovered when reflecting on the year.  It was very interesting for me to see how life events change my quilting productivity and how quilting helped though difficult life events.  

*Starting quilting again in 2012 helped me get over postpartum depression.
*Moving in 2016 decreased my productivity by half.
*Adopting Bunny in 2018 decreased productivity by half again and blogging became sporadic.  
*Pregnancy and a new baby in 2019 kept productivity lower.  
*COVID in 2020 is pretty obvious.  ;)
*Balancing the needs of five children in 2021 kept productivity lower, but still averaging one quilt finish per month. Blogging was just nonexistent.
*Only having one child at home for most of the day in 2022 definitely boosted production again.  

One thing is certain.  Quilting is a constant in my life.  I enjoy it when things are going well, and it keeps me sane when times are tough.  

2022 in Review

I started 2022 with 6 unfinished quilts.  That was higher than it has ever been since my year of finishing UFO’s in 2013.  They are now all finished.  I am ending the year with only one WISP (work in slow progress).  It is the hand quilting of my whole cloth Buttercup and Slate flower garden.  I hope to finish it in 2023.  


I finished 38 personal quilts.  8 were quilt commissions.  13 were gifts for friends and family.  4 were donations.  2 were for my children.  11 were for my home.  

I helped finish 16 quilts for others.  1 was for my sister.  8 were for my mom.  6 were for Quilts for Kids.  2 were just quilted for my friend on a trade.

I finished six minky blankets for my family, ten baby blankets for friends, two doll blankets for my girls, and one crocheted blanket for me.  

I also finished 6 table toppers/runners, 6 placemats, 2 quilted pillows, and 2 crocheted scarves.

It was definitely a year of quilting for others.  That is why I said my theme for the year was “Helping Others.”

2023 Plans

After all this reflection, I have decided on a theme/word of the year for 2023.  It is “Create.”

I have had a quote from Dieter F. Uchtdorf on the sidebar of my blog since I started blogging.  He said, “Creation brings deep satisfaction and fulfillment.  We develop ourselves and others when we take unorganized matter into our hands and mold it into something of beauty.”

I think that quote is perfect to go with my word/theme of the year.  I love to create.  

There are three things I want to create in 2023.

1.  Quilts and Quilty Projects
2.  Blog Posts
3.  A Nurturing Home

Quilts and Quilty Projects—I like to keep my goals fairly broad, because quilting should be enjoyable and guilt-free.  I want to sew what I want to sew when I can sew it.  I want to make projects to keep, to give as gifts, and to donate.  I hope to finish at least one project per month.  

Blog Posts—I love having my blog as a record of my quilting journey and as a way to connect with other quilters.  I know I have been sporadic in my blogging for the last few years.  Now that I am caught up, I would like to stay caught up. I hope to not get farther than one month behind this year.  

A Nurturing Home—My family will always be my first priority.  If quilting or blogging has to be put on hold than I will do so with no guilt.  However, I hope I won’t have to put them on hold.  

Do you have a theme or word of the year for 2023?


P.S.  I am linking up with Yvonne's 2023 Planning Party.  Check it out to see more quilters’ 2023 goals.  


  1. What a great year (and decade!) you have had. It's lovely to read your blog. Wishing you well in 2023.

  2. Your family should absolutely be your first priority, but I must say that it is lovely that you have had time to blog and reconnect again. It's such a joy to watch you create and spread love doing something that gives you a glowing spark. I wish you a lot of joy in 2023; may it be kind to us all!

  3. I enjoyed reading about your creative journey! Here's to 2023, hoping that you'll have a great year for creativity. 😊

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I hope you have a great creative year as well.

  4. Love seeing your quilts. I'm looking forward to seeing many more! ~Jeanne

  5. You certainly were a busy bee this year, how awesome!! I am glad that our blogs crossed each other's paths and then throw in the fact that we actually met in person!! I always love seeing what you create! I have never picked a theme or word of the year.

  6. Wonderful review of the year and the past ten! It made me take a step back in wonder because next Fall is my tenth anniversary of starting my blog. This past June was the tenth anniversary of me quitting teaching...sobering milestones. I love seeing the themes for each year, and I love seeing all that you've accomplished this past year.


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