Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bindings Galore

I mentioned in a previous post that my pile of unbound baby blankets was growing.  I had four at the time which were all quilted with the Q-matic on the Bernina Q24.

My pile doubled in size before I started on the bindings.

Two of the boy blankets (on the left) were quilted free-motion to try new types of thread.  Two were quilted with the Q-matic (on the right).  It took about half of the time to free-motion quilt them than for the computer to quilt them.  However, I can't free-motion quilt such cute lizards or such perfect squares and rectangles.  I definitely think that both types of quilting have their place.

I think there is a reason why I usually work on one quilt at a time.  Binding eight quilts at once wasn't nearly as much fun as quilting them!

I have already used the computerized boxy meander design on my nephew's quilt.  Hopefully life will get a little less crazy and I will have more time for blogging and playing in my studio.



  1. now that you have done enough stand up longarm quilting, as far as FMQ, which do you really like better, sit down or stand up. I have a sit down HQ, I like it for small project to large lap quilts but doing large quilts was a struggle. Can't make up my mind if I want to trade it in for stand up. Love your quilting and selection of binding colors!

    1. Oh, that is still such a hard question. I am liking standing up to quilt more and more, but I still absolutely love my sit down. I plan on continuing to use both. We got the frame that is one foot shorter to save space, so if I have a really big quilt I would have to use my sit down. Ask me in another year what I think. ;) I suggest you go to a show and give some long arm machines a test drive.

  2. Very pretty! I have discovered that very same thing about long arms - ending up with a pile of binding all at once certainly leaves something to be desired. ;) I love those lizards and the peek of your nephew's quilt looks great!

  3. Your quilts are so cute! I have found that I'm doing two at a time recently. And at times I even find that I keep sewing tops and putting them on the rail, although I have got myself to stop this week. I'm getting caught up and the rail is getting cleared out. Glad you are enjoying the longarm!

  4. Well done Jasmine. I just love your quilting. I have at least 12 quilt tops. I should get to work.
    These baby quilts turned out incredibly cute!

  5. I am in the middle of some crazy life things myself. The quilts look great and congratulations for getting them all bound. I also love seeing your nephews quilt and look forward to more details on that finish. Take care!

  6. Jasmine, you are amazing and such an inspiration to me! Love all of your designs!

  7. Did you put yeast in your unbound baby quilts? That is what happened to my dough. Because of the yeast, it doubled in size :-D
    Love your quilting, as usual. Those critters are so cute. Wish you were closer and we could do a scrap exchange. Speaking of boy quilts, where are your quilt models. They are missed :-)

  8. They look fantastic, and congrats on working your way through all those bindings! I know what yu mean it isn't much fun vbinding all those at one time. Been there done that!!

  9. Great way to learn your new program. I was happily busy catching up on your blog this morning...as I searched for the perfect quilt of yours to highlight for this week's Tuesday Archives TWIN Quilts theme!


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