Friday, July 27, 2018

A Purplicious Table Runner

I recently made this purple table runner to go with my purple and green bunting. 

I quilted it with a paisley motif on my domestic sewing machine. 

Purple is my favorite color and it makes me so happy. 



  1. Your purple stash is beautiful! I find mine to be a tad bit lacking. I try to buy purple fabrics when I see them since they are hard to find in the stores.

  2. I love seeing the stack of quilts under the table all featuring beautiful purples in the way they are folded, too!

  3. Looks all kinds of awesome Jasmine! I spy some Blueberry Park in purple in it!

  4. And here I thought you only did holidays and seasonal items!!! The purple runner turned out great. Enjoy!!

  5. Royal colors, beautifully quilted!!!


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