Monday, August 6, 2018

Baby Quilt for Jackie

I finished this darling quilt for my mom's friend Jackie.  It was pieced by her daughter and will be given to her new granddaughter. 

I quilted it with a loopy flower design on the Bernina Q24. 

She chose a purple minky for the backing. 

Then I bound it in the same stripes as on the top of the quilt. 

It was the perfect finish. 

Panda was sad when I had to give it back because he thought it was the cutest quilt I had ever made.  Too bad he doesn't have any sisters. 



  1. What a sweet quilting motif and the stripe finished it out nicely!

  2. Perfect quilting design choice for such a cute quilt.

  3. LOL!! Is Panda lobbying for a baby sister??? I'm with him though, it's a REALLY cute quilt!

  4. Cute finish Jasmine. What a sweet gift.


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