Friday, June 26, 2020

Matching Quilts

Last year I made matching quilts for my matching girls. 

The quilts started with fabric pulls from my stash.  Pink for Miss Kitty's pink nursery. 

Purple for Miss Bunny's purple bedroom. 

I had 30 fabrics each in pink and purple, so I cut four inch strips from each fabric. 

I cut each strip in half at the fold and sewed them in sections jelly roll race style.  Three pieces made one row, eleven and a half pieces made four rows, and forty-five and a half pieces made sixteen rows.  The tops came together pretty quickly.  The quilt tops finish about 58 inches by 74 inches. 

The purple quilt was quilted on my Tiara because the backing was not long enough to use the long arm.  It was quilted between the rows to stabilize it and then with hearts. 

The pink quilt was quilted on the Bernina Q24.  It just has the heart quilting. 

These took a few months start to finish.  The tops were pieced before Kitty was born and quilted after she was born during some long naps.  I was able to get the bindings on the week before Christmas.  Just in time to put under the tree. 

They have been getting lots of snuggles this year. 

Bunny was kind enough to share her quilt with Kitty one day. 

Kitty already loves brightly colored fabric.  Gotta start them young, right? 



  1. What perfect Christmas gifts! I'm so glad that Kitty and Bunny will have each other as they grow up. And it made me so happy to hear that Kitty loves bright fabrics. Yay!!!

  2. Playing catch-up on the blog, are you? I'm SEW thrilled that you've come back to BlogLand, Jasmine! I remember getting a preview of these two quilts late last year. Looking forward to seeing what else you've been working on!

  3. Perfect Christmas gifts! I really love that heart quilting design. I'll have to try to remember that one :)

  4. I heart your quilts but your lovely daughters - Kitty and Bunny take my breath away!!!

  5. Oh how I love babies on quilts! I also love their black and white matching outfits...takes me back to my little girls. And uh yeah? You have to start 'em early!


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