Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Wedding Quilt for C & K

My nephew C and his fiance K requested a black and gray quilt with a lot of white.  As I was looking at black and white quilts online, I found a darling one made by Emily at Simple Girl, Simple Life.  She shared the simple instructions and this was an easy quilt to make.  

I selected twelve black and white fabrics and paired them with Kona White.  Each fabric was cut into eight 5 inch squares.  I sewed three blocks at a time to keep the fabrics evenly distributed.  

Then I placed them on the design wall.  

I added the sashing and borders to finish up the top.  

I loaded the long arm with some gray minky and quilted it with spirals.  

It is always fun to take the quilt off the frames.  

I love seeing the quilting on minky.  

I added solid black for the binding.  It gives the quilt a nice frame.  

My sweet husband held it up for me outside to take a picture.  

I love how it turned out.  

It matched my piano room quite nicely.  

I told them that if they didn't like it, I would be happy to keep it.  ;)

But the good news is that they loved it!

On a personal note, school has started for my children and we are settling into our new routine.  I was able to work in some time for blogging today.  Even though I haven't been blogging, I have still been sewing.  I have finished all the wedding quilts and a few more.  So I have lots to share if I can keep up with the computer time.  I hope you are all doing well!



  1. Yay for routine! Can't wait to see all the quilts you have finished. This one is very elegant.

  2. The black binding is the perfect frame, and it's so nice to know they loved the quilt, too!

  3. Looking forward to all the other wedding quilt post. This one turned out great, Jasmine!! With all the quilts you make with Minky backing, have you started buying it by the bolt?!

  4. This quilt turned out wonderful. I love your quilting too. I do like the milky backing too but often have a bit of trouble either sewing or quilting it. But it is worth the effort.

  5. I really need to add a black and white quilt to my list. So striking! What brand of minky do you prefer?

  6. I wondered if the school start up was taking up a lot of time. Glad it’s not cut into your sewing time though! This is a fabulous quilt and makes me want to cut into the leftovers from my black and white with a splash of colour quilt I made a few years back. The Minky backing and quilting is, as always, divine!


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