Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Giant Star in Progress

My friend Jen of Glinda Quilts recently posted about a soldier's quilt which needed a home.  (It doesn't any more.)  It got me thinking about servicemen that I know.  After thinking about it for a couple days, I decided that I wanted to make a quilt for my friend whose husband is in the service. 

I looked at the blues left over from my month of blue, and realized that I didn't have any navy blue fabric left. 

So I went to bed.  However, the thought of making her a quilt would not go away.  So I went back to my stash and decided to make a bright blue and red quilt.  I had plenty of fabric for that.  ;)  I wanted to make it quickly and decided to stick with a simple pattern.  I had made a giant star quilt (mentioned here) earlier, and decided to make another one.  It uses Jeni's Giant Star Quilt Tutorial

I cut my squares out at 18 inches for the half square triangles, and trimmed them to 17.5 inches square.  To do this I used the lines on my large cutting mat. 

I don't use the lines on my cutting mat very often, because I don't think it is super accurate.  However, I used what I had for something this large.  (Although the 21" square ruler from Omnigrip is on my wish list.) 

It was accurate enough for my center point to look like this.  :)

I was able to get the entire top laid out on my design wall in less than two hours. 

Then I decided to make a smaller one for myself out of the scraps.  I cut these squares at 6 inches. 

It is crazy how much smaller it is cutting the squares at on third the original size.  The bigger one finishes at 68 inches, and the smaller one finishes at 20 inches. 

I ate lunch with the munchkins, and decided to add borders to both quilts.  I added a 2 inch border of the cream star fabric all around the large star, and a 1 inch border of the cream star fabric all around the small star.  I kept the smaller one square by adding side borders with cornerstones.  Then I added borders to two sides of the large one to make it a rectangle.  I love large rectangular quilts.  I pieced the backing with fabric from my stash and got them basted.  It took a day and a half.  Then I had them quilted and bound after another day and a half of working on them.

My next post will have more pictures of the finished quilts, because they are already done. 



  1. Jasmine, it turned out fantastic! Congrats on getting them done! I understand about having that feeling of an idea not going away!

  2. Love them, Jasmine - very striking. So nice of you to mention me ... am full of cold, feeling a bit fed up and then I read your post and it makes me smile! Cheers m'dear :)


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