Thursday, January 29, 2015

Modern Farmer's Wife: A Finished Quilt!

{A Picture Heavy Post}

I am so happy to say that my Modernized Farmer's Wife Quilt is finished!!!  I know I finished it in less than a month, but it seemed to take a long time.  I estimate that I spent over 65 hours actively working on it.  (More late nights than I would like to admit as someone who normally doesn't sew in the evenings.)  That doesn't include all the time that went into choosing the blocks, enlarging them, and writing up the posts for each.  (In case you missed it, I have included the sizes to rotary cut each block in my Modernizing the Farmer's Wife Series.)

Not only is this the most detailed piecing I have ever done, it is also the most intense quilting I have ever done (20 hours on one quilt).  So be prepared for a lot of pictures.  ;)

I quilted the sashing and cornerstones with wiggles and dogwood quilting.  (For more information on how I quilted it check out my previous post.)

I custom quilted each block with combinations of orange peel, dogwood, wiggles, loops, straight lines, and a few feathers.  Here are a few of my favorites.

This block used some of the smallest pieces and I love how it turned out.

This is four 6 inch "Contrary Wife" blocks.  I think I need to make a whole quilt with this block.

I could really show close-ups of every block, because I am thrilled with how it turned out.

I was brave and put the Kona Snow on the back, and it looks so neat.

The blocks look amazing on the back too.

I used the dark green for the binding.  It is my husband's favorite color and tones down the pinkness.

And here is a picture of the whole quilt!  :0)

Oh wait, did you want to see the front?

It turned out even better than I imagined or planned.

Quilt Stats #123
Quilt Name:  Modern Farmer's Wife
Pattern:  Enlarged and altered blocks from the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book.
Layout:  Inspired by Katie's Sampler in the book Vintage Revival Quilts.
Fabric:  Kona Snow and various Northcott marbled fabrics
Amount Used:  About 21 yards
Batting:  Hobbs 80/20
Size:  About 94 x 112 inches
Date Finished:  January 2015
What I learned:

  • It is good to stretch myself every once in a while.  
  • Taking breaks during quilting is very important with such a large project.
  • And lots more included in the various posts of my Modernizing the Farmer's Wife series.

This quilt now lives on my bed, and I love sleeping under it.

I will be decorating my bedroom around it.  Hubby has agreed to a light blue paint and installing new trim.  I will be making matching table toppers and pillows.  I can't wait! (But it will probably be a little while.)

Be sure to click on the Modernizing the Farmer's Wife Quilt link if you want to check out any of the other posts in the series.  And you may also want to check out Jodi's blog (Tales of Cloth). I found out after I finished my top that she is doing a year long quilt along enlarging the blocks in the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book.  Hers will be in Red and White.


P.S.  I am linking up with Finish it Up Friday and Can I Get a Whoop Whoop.  I am so happy with my first complete finish of 2015!!!


  1. Jasmine, your quilt turned out wonderfully!! I'm not typically drawn to sampler type quilts but the colors you used and the sashing and corner stones make this such a happy quilt to look at!!

    Thanks for all of the time you took to enlarge all of those blocks. It is definitely a place I will look when deciding what to make next - you know I love big blocks :) And I'm still thinking this would look amazing in black and white!

  2. I am so glad you posted all those pix as it was tons of fun to see how you quilted the blocks differently. The purple with the feathers in the corner is a fav of mine! And that back, spectacular :-) That's a whole lot of fabric to keep you warm!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful Jasmine! Everything about it is perfect. So happy it is one you are keeping for yourself.

  4. What a great accomplishment! I really enjoyed seeing all the quilting in your blocks. My favorite was the first blue one, but they all are exceptional. So pretty.

  5. Oh my god, this is just delish! I love that zigzag block in green, as it's totally 3-D. I do like the contrary wife block too. Such a good call to do the Kona Snow backing; you could totally have it that side up for a beautiful whole cloth quilt look. So much work here. Wow. You should be very very proud. :-)

  6. This quilt is gorgeous! I love the quilting designs and the choices you made for each individual block. (I really enjoy a picture heavy post, too!)

  7. Exciting and fantastic, Jasmine. You SHOULD be thrilled. What an accomplishment. It is just beautiful and your posts throughout were super. Enjoy!

  8. This turned out so fantastic! It'll be gorgeous with the blue paint, too. I need to make a quilt that hangs that far over the sides for our bed - it would be SO NICE when it's -10 outside!!

  9. Yep...just wonderful!! Thanks for the cloeup picutres of your quilting!!! Lots of ideas and inspiration! :)

  10. It turned out so beautifully, Jasmine, congratulations!! I love all the detail photos and how the quilting shows the blocks and patterns on the back.

  11. What an accomplishment! I can't decide if I like the piecing or the quilting better. . . . It's a wonderful whole. Congratulations!

  12. It turned out so great! I love all your quilting!!

  13. Incredible! I especially love all the block close-ups. Each could make an individual greeting card!!! ;) And the back... Oh, my!!! Stunning!

  14. Congratulations Jasmine on an amazing finish! You obviously put in a tremendous effort to design and make each block. And the quilting!! Fantastic! The back of the quilt says it all! Spectacular!

  15. Wow! You have done an amazing job! The quilting is just beautiful , I love the colors and the white and it is laid out so bnice. Really impressive, and I love all the pictures.

  16. Jasmine this quilt is stunning! I love the way you quilted the blocks individually instead of going for an allover pattern. And the back! Sigh......what a beautiful finish!

  17. It is stunning, Jasmine! The colors, the blocks, the fabulous custom quiting. I'm so glad you'll be able to enjoy it yourself.

  18. It's such a beautiful quilt Jasmine! I hope you show us how it looks when you finish your bedroom!

  19. this is a beautiful sampler. Do you quilt with a longarm? quilting is wonderful. thanks for sharing

  20. Rosemary B here:
    This is so beautiful, Jasmine
    I love it. I love the colors design placements and the quilting just everything.
    This is an amazing accomplishment, and yes, re do the bed room next month :-)

  21. An accomplishment to be proud of for sure!! Beautiful work.

  22. WOW. I mean, the quilting looks great from the front - I love how you blended the blocks and the sashing and tied it all together. But then - the back - OMG WOW. Did I say WOW? Because WOW. That looks fantastic! And it looks perfect on your bed!

  23. and double wow. Its stunning. Beautiful choice of colours and blocks. Dont know how you managed it in such a short time ...well, yes I do. when you are on a roll you just keep on going.
    Its great and matching pillows will make it even better!

  24. Jasmine your quilt is beautiful! I loved seeing the closeup pictures of your quilting - I can tell you took great care with each block. Love it. And it looks beautiful on your bed... Happy redecorating!

  25. Wow! That is a gorgeous quilt! It's something to be proud of. I'm going to save this post for inspiration on quilting blocks. Great job!

  26. I love your quilt! Just beautiful.

  27. It's beautiful Jasmine! And your quilting! I've been considering getting mine done professionally because I want it done like yours. White on the back was such a great idea! Thanks for sharing, and for link my blog! Jodi. xx

  28. My, my, my, that's the most beautiful quilt I have seen in ages. You hit that bad boy outta the park with this one. I love every part of it.

  29. It's gorgeous, Jasmine! I love all the quilting you did, and the solid white on the back really makes it show up so beautifully.


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