Friday, April 24, 2015

Flashback: Mom's Cabin Quilts

Several years ago I helped my mom make seven quilts for my dad's cabin. Because I haven't had time for quilting this week, I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you.  They were all made with flannel for the top, back, and binding.  We made two log cabin quilts, two courthouse step quilts, two buzz saw quilts, and one panel quilt over a three year period (2004-2006).

This first quilt is a queen size log cabin quilt with one inch finished logs.  It is in a barn raising layout.  I pieced and quilted this one, but my mom did the handwork on the binding.

I quilted it on my Grace Machine Quilting frames with loops and leaves over the blocks and a leafy border design.  I think this is one of the first scrappy pieced backings we made.  I love how it looks.

This second quilt is a twin size log cabin.  I did the piecing and the quilting and my mom did the handwork on the binding.

This one was quilted with my Janome while it was sitting in my cabinet.  It is also quilted with loops and leaves.

This backing is also pieced.  There is cabin, bear, and moose fabric.

This third quilt is a queen size courthouse steps quilt. My mother did the piecing, I did the quilting, and she did the handwork on the binding.

It is also quilted on my grace frames with loops and leaves.

We pieced the backing to coordinate with the queen size log cabin quilt.

This fourth quilt is a twin size courthouse steps.  I pieced and quilted it, and once again my mother did the handwork on the binding.

It was quilted on my Janome while it was sitting in my cabinet.  Once again with loops and leaves.  Loops were what I quilted the best, and I enjoyed dressing them up by adding shapes.

The backing was made to match the twin size log cabin quilt.

I love seeing how different all four quilts look, yet how well they coordinate together.  These four quilts are usually on four beds in one large bedroom, but these pictures were taken in my parent's back yard.  Sadly, my family didn't go to my dad's cabin for awhile and mice broke in. When my mother and I heard that the mice were "eating" the quilts we were heartbroken.  Luckily, the damage was not nearly as bad as we imagined.  Just a few spots here and there.

I think the plan is to applique leaves or something like that over the holes.  Do you have any suggestions?

These quilts may look a little bit familiar, because I used some of the leftovers to make my husband a quilt back in 2006.

There were a lot of leftovers... like enough for another five to seven quilts.  LOL.

I will share the other three cabin quilts in another post.  So watch for it coming soon.  :)


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  1. Your first log cabin quilt (top and back) is my favorite! I love how they all go together. They must look so nice in the same room. I haven't made a log cabin yet, but it's on the list down the line somewhere!

  2. They all look like so much time and love went into them! I'm sorry the mice found your beautiful work..

  3. They are all beautiful and they do all look good together, it must be a pretty site to see them all in the same room. I like your idea of a leaf patch. I enjoyed looking at them. :-)

  4. Love the quilts, Jasmine. I agree, the first is my favorite too. Appliqué over the mouse food sounds like a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Grrr! I'd draw a picture of a mouse trap and applique that over the holes! But a leaf applique would probably look much nicer :)

  6. What a wonderful thing, that you and your Mom made these beautiful quilts together Jasmine! They are each beautiful and with the flannel, look so snugly. It is upsetting about the mouse damage. Your leaf idea sounds perfect though.

  7. Each of those quilts are truly beautiful and looks so great together. What a lot of work! And then to know that those little mice made holes in them.... It struck me right in the heart! What a shame! Yes, appliqueing leaves over the holes sounds like a wonderful solution. Thanks so much for sharing about these gorgeous works you and your mom created!

  8. less leftovers and more...kits!!
    Imagine if you cut all the leftovers into kits... you could finance your next project.
    I just love the big scrappy squares of color backs.

    Mice, yikes. I don't think leaves will do it... you might need new trees to cover the damage. LeeAnna

  9. I love log cabin quilts! I guess mice do too! Appliqué sounds like the perfect solution!

  10. Flannel top, bottom and binding? Oh those have to be so snuggly!! I really love the colors and pattern of the first one. Just beautiful.

  11. I love your log cabins! It is one of my favorite traditional quilt patterns and yours are wonderful examples.

  12. Finally catching up a bit here...OMG I have so many of these flannels, Jasmine!! In quilts and in a quilted jacket from those same years span! Too funny. I love flannel quilts, so very very cosy. Just had a thought: appliqué a MOUSE over the hole, lol. Add another label and explain so in a hundred years, they know the story. :-)


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