Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Flashback: More Cabin Quilts

In my last post I shared four of the quilts my mom and I made to decorate my dad's cabin.  I still haven't had much time for quilting, so I thought I would share the last three with you today.  Once again all of the quilts here were made with flannel for the top, back, and binding.

The buzz saw quilts have a fun story...

This first quilt was pieced by my mom and quilted by me on my grace frames.  It is a queen size buzz saw.  One neat thing is that the border print is also the background print.  It was printed along both selvages with the cream left in the middle.  There was exactly the right amount to make this quilt. With a quarter inch seam allowance left for each border, we could cut two 8 3/8 inch squares between them.  There wasn't even an eighth of an inch left.  Talk about cutting it close, but we made it work.  It took more yardage for the background than for the borders, so with the extra border fabric we made valances for the bedroom.

Originally this quilt was for the master bedroom in the cabin.  However, shortly after we finished it, my parents purchased a king size bed for the room.  So it got moved to the small bedroom which has just one queen size bed.

I quilted over the blocks with loops and leaves.  (You can also see a little more evidence of the mice on this quilt.)

My mom mitered the border because of the cute print, and I love  how the animals received extra limbs in the corners.  I did basic meandering in the border.

The backing is a companion print with moose and trees.

The interesting thing is after we had finished a few of the quilts, my parents decided to remodel the cabin.  It used to be done in 70's colors.  Orange, lime, and red shag carpets throughout. When they went to pick out new carpets and tile, my mom brought the finished quilts to match the flooring to the quilts.

The owner of the store, an interior decorator named Brent, fell in love with my mom's quilt and wanted to buy it from her.  She wouldn't sell it.  He then asked her to make him one, and she said she didn't have enough time.  When she told me the story, I said I could do it if he was still interested.  He definitely was, but he wanted his king size.  I met him at the quilt shop we had purchased the fabric from and he didn't find any fabric he really liked.  Turns out that the border print is what he really loved.

The problem was that we had purchased it more than a year earlier, and you couldn't get it anymore.  But the sweet owner of the quilt shop talked with her distributor, and their sales rep to see if they could do anything.  (I don't think we even thought about checking online eleven years ago.)  Turns out the sales rep remembered a small quilt shop 90 minutes away which mistakenly ordered bolts of the border fabric when it was on back order.  We contacted that small quilt shop, and they did have another bolt of the same border print and a couple more bolts in a different color way.  They were thrilled to sell us enough for another two king size quilts.  One for Brent...

My first custom quilt for someone other than my mom.
And another one for the new king size bed in the master bedroom in the blue colorway.  (I like the blue colorway better, even though the only difference is the little one inch border print.)

I pieced and quilted this one, and my mother did the handwork on the binding.  I still love how the corners look with the mitered borders.  This bear has six legs!

We put a companion print of little log cabins on the back.

That covered all six of the beds in the cabin, and I ended up making one more.  It was a really large lap quilt to keep on the sofa.

The center section is made with a pine cone panel type print.  Which I once again quilted with loops and leaves, but this time while my sewing machine was sitting in a cabinet instead of on the frames.  My mom did the handwork on the binding, so we both worked on every one of the quilts.

I quilted a fun leafy design in the borders.

The backing is a simple tan wood grain print.

I loved making these quilts with my mother.  There are so many fun memories of making them and using them at the cabin.  Hopefully, we can repair the ones the mice got to soon.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the cabin quilts. They all look wonderful. So cozy and snuggly, but in pattern and fabric! I hope you can patch the mouse damage.

  2. I hope you are able to get back to quilting soon! I love the great customer service and story about how you found extra yardage of the print - that is amazing. :)

  3. Those are so amazing! Makes me wish I had a cabin to make some flannel bed quilt for!

  4. Love the quilt, Jasmine! You are indeed blessed and fortunate to have such a beautiful relationship with your mother. I love the buzz saw quilt; never made one but I think I will. Thanks for the post!

  5. I can see why Brent wanted that Buzz Saw quilt so much - it is wonderful Jasmine! And I can see why your Mom would not sell it too!
    What a great story about the quest for the border fabric! The mutant corner animals make me smile too. And the blue bordered quilt is my favorite - so awesome!

  6. I think it's so great you have these memories with your Mom! These are great quilts and the stories are wonderful. I especially like the buzz saw pattern.

  7. I love the one in the blue colourway too, Jasmine! How cool that you guys were able to track down that border print and get two more quilts made. Love the quilting with the leaves and loops.

  8. So fun to see the 'older' quilts. I have always thought the buzz saw was a cool pattern and it looks great with the flannels, and that border print-perfect for the cabin!!

  9. Gotta love six-legged bears and moose! These quilts are lovely and look so appropriate for a cabin. Thanks for sharing their story.

  10. Such great memories with your mom to hold close! I hope someday my girls' lives slow down enough that we can quilt together :)

  11. Again, love those flannel quilts. Amazing that you were able to get more of that fabric. You make me want to go to your cabin...I'd be Goldilocks though! And I love quilting leaves, forgiving, natural and they just flow, don't they?

  12. I enjoyed the stories behind this series of quilts. The quilts are beautiful. It's a shame about the mice, but at least the damage is minimal. Good luck patching them up!

  13. Great story, beautiful quilts and nasty mice. I love buzz saw quilts!


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