Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quarterly Stash Report Plus

My friend Yvonne of Quilting Jet Girl has requested some blocks to make quilts for children whose father passed away recently.  What I love about these quilts is that the children are helping her put their own quilt together.

Yvonne has asked for black and white (or blue) music themed or improv blocks for the younger brother.  This is my first attempt at slicing, dicing, and adding scraps to make an improv block.  I will admit that I emailed Yvonne a picture and asked if this was what she had in mind.  She said that it is "fabulous."  I don't think I would call it fabulous, but it was fun to try something new.  Cheetah does not like this at all, but both Panda and Monkey think it is kinda cool.

This sailboat block is entirely made from scraps and is for the older sister.  I just Googled "sailboat quilt blocks" and tried to make something work with the scraps I had on hand.  So in a way this is a bit improv too.  I just kept sewing and adding things until it looked the way I wanted and fit the size Yvonne requested (10 x 7 inches unfinished).  All three of my boys really like this block.  ;)  Gotta love honest opinions of children.

Shortly after finishing the above blocks, I sat down to figure out my stash report for the first quarter.  The totals were a little surprising to me because I was given so much fabric in January (44 yards from a neighbor, class samples, and Christmas gift)  I even bought a lot of Kona Snow and black for my stash  (12 yards total).  However, even with all those additions, I have come out pretty even.

January:  31 yards used, 76 yards added
February:  46.5 yards used, 12.5 yards added
March:  28 yards used, 13 yards added.

First Quarter:  105.5 yards used, 101.5 yards added
Total:  4 yards less

And in case anyone is wondering, the yards used include lots of finished projects: 1 queen size quilt, 1 lap quilt, 12 baby quilts, 1 wall hanging, 2 mini quilts, 4 quilted bags, and 16 drawstring bags.  Oh my!  That really adds up.

And here is a sneak peek at my Friday Finish helping with my total yards used in March.

Two Queen Bee Bags from a tutorial at the Moda Bake shop.  Each bag used 4.5 yards of fabric.

I hope to work in some more stash busting soon.


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  1. Thank you so very much for making the blocks and spreading the word about them. I really do think the improv block is fabulous - it looks like a zoomed in view of a bridge to me. :)

  2. Your blocks look great! That sailboat is adorable. It makes me want to start another quilt.

    Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  3. Your blocks are great. I agree with Yvonne, it is fabulous! :)

  4. Love the colors you chose for the sailboat block!

  5. You really did accomplish a ton in this quarter, give yourself a pat on the back! So nice you are sending in some blocks.

  6. I'm jealous of how much fabric you actually use up! And here I am thinking in my stash reports using 3 yards is a lot LOL. Love that boat block too, it's adorable!

  7. I love both of your blocks, and I agree with Yvonne that the first one brings to mind a bridge. And you have been amazingly productive!

  8. Um, your total for the first 3 months of the year is 37 THIRTY-SEVEN finishes??!!! I have no words. Well maybe one...Whoa.
    Okay, and one more: AHH-mazing!

  9. Your sailboat is so soothing and very neatly done. I agree it is fabulous!!!

  10. Jasmine, you are really busting your stash and all of your projects are fabulous!!!

  11. Jasmine, I love these blocks and the colors are fantastic! You have accomplished so much. Keep having a blast! Your work is beautiful.

  12. Great bags, Jasmine. Love the ways you adapted the pattern to suit you. Gorgeous fabric choices too. Delightful work :)

  13. The blocks you made for Yvonne's young friends are so cool Jasmine! I better get sewing on mine - the fabric I was waiting for arrived on Saturday.
    Love those Queen Bee bags!

  14. Wow! You've been a very busy quilter this year! Great job staying net negative. :) Great sailboat!


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