Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mom's Second Turning Twenty: A Custom Finish

My mom finished piecing her second Turning Twenty quilt for the grandchildren's room, and I finished quilting it on my Tiara.

It is very similar to her first one.  It just has a different border, binding, and backing.  As I was quilting it I was thinking, "Second verse, same as the first."  However the quilt tops are not exactly the same.  So it needed a similar, but different quilting design.

Cheetah wrote me the sweet message with the smiley face.  They made my day.  
I quilted the second quilt in a mum design.  It was basically just adding extra rows of scallops to the cherish design in the first.    Here they are side by side.  The mums are on the left and the cherish design is on the right.

My mom also had me add the binding to this one by machine.  She is happy they are both finished.

This quilt looks so pretty in the sunlight.

I love the texture from the mum quilting.

It looks cute on the back as well.

We laid one quilt on top of the other to see the differences.

Even though they used the same 20 fabrics, the one with the pink looks warmer overall and the one with the purple looks cooler overall.  My art teacher sister said that is because of "Simultaneous Contrast."  It basically means that colors will look different based on what they are put with.  I had never heard of that before, but it makes sense.



  1. Those are so pretty! Love your quilting too. I really need to get some fabric and practice those 2 designs you've used. It's so hard to stop making things and do that. I love to be productive!

  2. Love your Quilt! Love the color choices! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Linda! It was fun working with such cheerful colors.

  3. Wow, there really does seem to be a big color difference between the two quilts! Who would have thought? I like both the quilting, but I think I like this one better.

  4. The quilting is so fun; I like that floral motif a lot myself. They compliment each other so well and I liked learning about Simultaneous Contrast. :)

  5. What great finishes. Even though the same they look so different and how wonderful to use a similar quilting design on them.. The pink and white daisy border really stands out and I agree it makes it warmer. I had never heard of Simultaneous Contrast either.

  6. Beautiful quilts, Jasmine. You do such lovely work!!

  7. Gorgeous quilts, I have seen that happen with threads where they look different just because what fabric you put them with, didn't know it had a name though!


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