Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mr. Bones: A Finished Quilt

My skeleton is out of the closet and now part of a finished quilt!  We have named him, "Mr. Bones" and can frequently be heard singing to him the Mr. Bones song from White Christmas.  My boys love this glow in the dark skeleton.

I quilted him on my Pfaff.  The panel is quilted in black Aurifil, and the borders are quilted in Superior Threads' glow in the dark thread.  I used a creamy white Aurifil thread in the bobbin with the glow in the dark thread just in the needle.

It is the most expensive thread I have ever purchased.  The little spool only contained 80 yards of thread.  I had a few problems with the thread shedding, but according to Monkey it is cool so definitely worth it.

The back of the quilt was pieced with Halloween fabric I had on hand.

I outlined the skeleton and spider webs to give it dimension.  Then I filled in the empty black spaces with extra spider webs.

I quilted wiggly lines in the piano key borders.

It is bound in black for a nice frame.

Mr. Bones has already been seen wandering the neighborhood trying to find the perfect photo spot.  (My neighbors must think I'm crazy!)

He really liked the web covered rocking chair.

But he will have to stay at my house until he goes back in the closet.

Quilt Stats #186
Name:  Mr. Bones
Pattern:  Panel with piano key border
Fabric Used: The Boo Crew panel
Amount Used:  3.5 yards
Batting:  Hobbs 80/20
Size:  About 32 x 53 inches
Date Finished: October 2016

It is too bad I can't take a good picture showing him glow in the dark; however, here is a sneak peek at my next quilt that I used the scraps on.

It is basted and ready to quilt.  Monkey keeps asking me to hurry and finish it.  He says that he needs to sleep under a Halloween quilt, even if it is for the whole family.  Ha!


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  Check them out to see what others have been working on.


  1. Great Halloween finish. The glow in the dark thread definitely elevates the level of fun. I can understand why the boys live it so much!

  2. A glow in the dark panel and thread? That is really fun! The thread sounds like it was a challenge, did you try different needles or was it just extra touchy?

  3. I so love him. Perfect quilting, aren't spiderwebs fun to do!

  4. Your Monkey and my Brady would be the bestest of friends! Both needing to sleep under a Halloween quilt (Brady's is on his bed as I type) and LOVING the glow in the dark thread! We had SUCH fun last year, and yep it is definitely expensive thread, but it is just SO SO cool right! I love Mr. Bones in the rocking chair best.

  5. Mr. Bones is great! I'm glad your kids nudged you to buy the panel. You did a wonderful job breathing life into it.

  6. Very very cool! We don't really 'do' Halloween down here in NZ but that is certainly a panel that I think I would love to make - lots of fun!

  7. Love your Mr. Bones! Even though it's not a new project, I'd love if you linked it to my Finished or Not Friday Linky Party at Busy Hands Quilts each week!

  8. Mr. Bones is amazing! This must have taken forever! Great Halloween finish.

  9. Nice and spooky! Does the thread glow well?

  10. Mr Bones is so spooky. I am sure Halloween is a super fun event in your house...and I am not even going to think what other things are hiding in the closet.

  11. Your creativity is amazing! I'm sure your boys enjoyed Mr. Bones!


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