Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Couple Older Finishes

Before I started my blog, I made a list all of the quilts I had made and gave each of them a number.  Anything I didn't think of as a quilt wasn't given a number.  I considered this United States Map and a Solar System print as play rugs.  So they didn't get numbers.  However, when I pulled them out to hang on the wall, I realized that they were whole cloth quilts.  I have now numbered them 10B and 10C because they were finished about the same time as quilt number 10.  Now that they are officially quilts, numbered, and hanging up in my house, I thought I should share them on my blog.  ;)

I quilted the map with the walking foot following the lines on the licence plate backing.

I really like how it turned out on the front.

This quilt now lives in Monkey's room.

The other quilt I mentioned above is the Solar System Quilt.

I quilted it by following the lines of the plants and their orbits.

The backing was a coordinating print I found.

This quilt now lives in Panda's room.

I have now lived here for over six months and will be giving a blogging tour of my house soon.



  1. Those are cute! The quilting gives it a pieced fell. I've made one of the US before and quilted around the states.

  2. How funny! I've quilted that US map too. I snatched that fabric up post 9/11 because it had the World Trade Center on it.
    Love the solar system.

  3. What perfect wall hangings for your son's rooms. I can't believe you've been in your home for 6 months already; where does the time go??

  4. Very nice! I like how your planet piece still shows little Pluto and how the planets show up on the back!

  5. I love both of these finishes Jasmine.
    Time flies. I am excited for your home tour.
    I bet it is nice.

  6. Wow, time flies! Just yesterday you started building... :) Those quilts are fun. Who knew there were such cool panels available? Just perfect for a kids room or school room!

  7. Ooh! I can't wait for the tour! Lucky Vicki already got one in person! I love that the teacher in you numbers and organizes your quilts (wow--wish I'd done that) and also has teachable moments quilts, education that can ooze in osmosis-like, to our kids. :-)

  8. Jasmine, I got behind again so it's catch up time! Yes, you will have lots of comments to approve! Anyway, these are just awesome! I've seen the solar system and if I had known someone to give it to, I would have done it as well. Very cool!


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