Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How Many Quilts?

Last week I had people guess how many quilts bigger than a mini are in my house as part of a giveaway for my third blogiversary.  Today I am announcing the answer and the winner.

These were all of my quilts not in the bedrooms in April 2016.  I thought about piling all the quilts up again (like Amanda Jean did once or twice), but that sounded like a little too much work.  ;)  So please, take my word for it.

There are 26 small quilts bigger than 25 x 25 inches.  They are mainly used for wall hangings.

There are 35 baby quilts bigger than 35 x 40 inches.  They are mainly used for wall hangings and cuddles.

There are 21 lap quilts bigger than 50 by 60 inches.  They are mainly used for cuddles and some wall hangings.

There are 37 bed quilts bigger 70 by 90 inches.  They are mainly used for beds, cuddles, and displays.

That gives me a grand total of 119 quilts in my house.  (Yep, a crazy quilt lady does live here.)  Of the 119 quilts, I made 111 of them.  My mother made four of them (which I quilted).  My grandmother made two of them.  Cheetah made one of them.  The last quilt is a darling store bought applique ABC quilt, which I was given when Cheetah was a baby.   Considering that I have made made nearly 200 quilts, that means that I have given away about half of them.

Now, I never said that you had to guess correctly to win. I only said to comment and guess.  So, my Mr. Random has selected Mary Burnette who said:
"My guess would be 136 quilts. You didn't tell us how long you have been quilting so had to use an estimate close to my own. My favorite color combination is grey with teal blue right now but of course that changes each year. Mary"
However, Cynthia did guess the exact number of quilts, so she also won:
"I am going to say 119. Right now I am enjoying turquoise and purple together. Congratulations on 3 years!"
I will be making both Mary and Cynthia a handmade surprise in some of their favorite colors.  Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone for participating, following and leaving such sweet comments.



  1. Thank you so much! I can't wait to see what you make. I know it will be beautiful!

  2. OK, that's a lot of quilts :) Though there isn't such a thing as too many quilts, so it's all good :)

  3. Wow! I love that you have given away so many quilts and while it would be neat to see all your quilts in a pile, I can understand the effort to put it all away neatly again. :)

  4. Is there another word for Wow? Personally, I don't think you can have too many quilts!

  5. Your family will always be warm :)

    Congrats and thanks again!

  6. I am SO impressed that you were able to catalog them all! So organized! My kind of crazy quilt lady!

  7. Makes me wonder how many I have-personal ones that is, not ones for the craft shows!!

  8. Keep at it and soon you will have enough quilts to keep a medium-sized town warm and cozy.

  9. Lol, I loved Preeti's comment! I guessed 100, so I was pretty close :) I can't wait to see what you make for the winners.

  10. And every one is absolutely beautiful! Jasmine, you do such wonderful work. Your family is blessed to have you as a quilting mom and wife!


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